Wednesday, July 16, 2014


POLITICS TIMES TWO, OR THREE:  There are several things in the news lately that I have made a note to myself to post about. However, there are a couple of things that I feel the desire to post about.  So I will do that and see about the news items later.

1. Immigration: There has been much in the news about the young children coming across the border. I have posted about the porous border in the past. Living close to the border as we do, we have seen those who come across from time to time. Ranchers in Arizona see them and the evidence of their passing all the time. Occasionally they are shot at by drug dealers coming across and there are those who have been killed.  And still they come. But I digress.  Why are the young children coming into the United States illegally? And the Border Agents and Homeland security are trying to deal with this issue.  Not illegal immigrants, but the children. They are coming from more than one country south of the U.S.  I feel sorry for them.  I feel they are pawns in a larger game. I don't know a lot about exactly who is driving this.  The politicians are blaming each other. Some say the Republicans are not caring and some say the Democrats and the President are allowing this and even promoting it.  So, who knows.  Still, people in the cities where the government wants to house them are turning out in large numbers in objection to the government taking care of them.  And who is the victim.  Well, they are here illegally, so we the people are.  But, they are children and they are scared. And we need to have a little bit of compassion for them.  But in the long run, they will be sent back home and we will be left to wonder, Did we do the right thing?  I am against those who come in to the country by illegal means.  Still, I feel sorry for the children.  I hope the politicians can get this taken care of soon.  And that kinda leads me to the second item for this post, which is

2.   Politics.  Are maybe the parties that we most belong too.  First, in the Alphabet, there are the Democrats.  There are those in the party who have MSNBC and Ed Schultz. They are the party faithful and will vote for all things and people democrat. There is no room for any other opinion. On the other side are the Republicans. They have Fox news and Rush Limbaugh. And they will vote for all things and people Republican. And there is no room for any other opinion.  And then there is the middle people. And there are a lot of people of both of the above parties, as well as independents and those with other affiliations.  And the politicians of the two mentioned parties realize that there are not enough of them, the "Party faithful" to win an election. So they pander to those in the middle. Both trying to get those of us in the middle to vote for them. And we have some of those here in the State where I live.  We have a school system here in the town that is running amok and the school board apparently won't listen to the people, so the system is losing teachers right and left.  And the school administrators are from out of state and it seems to be a case of cronyism. And several city and county councils are restricting the residents to speak only of they say positive things. Any time they say something negative, they are told to sit down and refused to speak further.  Seems to me these politicians need to start listening to the people, and have a more open mind about what the people want.  And on this note, I will make one further observation on politics;

3. In the State of Utah, there is a thing that seems to be politics or religion. Since the dominate religion in Utah is LDS, and according to what I have read the majority of LDS people are Republican, to be a Democrat makes you less of a Mormon.  I can say without any fear of reprisal, that is a Utah thing.  I am Republican, but there are family members on both sides of my wife's and my family that are Democrat and faithful LDS members, and they are not thought less of because of it.  I guess people in Utah need to be a little more liberal in their thinking.  And vote for the person, not the party.


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  1. 2. I've read a little about it. It sounds AWFUL.

    3. From your lips, Dad...I fully enjoyed an article this week showing the R-mormon former politicians mug shots and the D-mormon opponent made part of a temple presidency. And, well, if I hadn't actually been shunned and told I was going to hell for being a democrat, I may not have believe it to actually be a Utah thing, since it's so crazy...


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