Monday, June 30, 2014

News and Science

Or, Science in the news.  Have you heard the news about a driverless car?  Yep, they are working on that.  One company is testing a car that has a steering wheel. You drive it to the road, then put in coordinates and let it take you down the road.  The other car, Google, I think, is making a car that has no steering wheel.  It takes you every where you want to go. Just tell it, electronically, of course, and it will go there. At least that is the premise.  Well, I want one of those.  Surprised?

Well, those of the two or so who actually read this post probably are. Surprised, that is.  Knowing me and my technology knowledge, or lack of it. So having to depend on a car that drives itself with me just putting in some electronically downloaded information is probably a jump for you to comprehend.  Well, maybe more than a jump. Actually a huge leap.  But I am going to tell you why I would like to have this car.

Say, I want something from the store. Never mind the store, just pick one.  Ace hardware, Wal-Mart, the fabric store/quilt shop, well not that one, but some of the others.  Just call them and give them your order, put the coordinates in the car and send it on it's way.  When it gets there, the store employees load it with your order and send it home.  Mean while I can do the important things I want to do. Like read a book, or post a silly blog or something.

Yep, who knows, I may live long enough to see the advent of the Jetsons yet.  Heck, I may even embrace it.  Well, maybe not. 


  1. Huh...I have actually always thought that you and mom both were quick to embrace technology compared to your peers.


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