Monday, July 28, 2014


AND IF SO, WHAT WOULD THAT BE? For me, it would be a variety of many things.  Meat, veggies, grains, milk and a lot of water. And fruits. And breads. And Oh Well, you get the picture.  But do you have a favorite food.  When you go to a restaurant, do you gravitate to a certain kind. Here in New Mexico we like Mexican, or Spanish food.  Food that is not really eaten in either Mexico or Spain.  But while it is eaten all over the United States, it is just not as good as it is here in the Southwest part of New Mexico.  A State that is known for the Chili that is grown here. Yum.  So what is your favorite Mexican/Spanish Food dish.  Can you choose?  Me neither. And to top it off with a Sopapilla is, well, just delicious. You can fill it with honey, or roll it in a mixture of cinnamon and sugar, or you can use it as a bread with the meal.  Why you would want to do that when a tortilla will work better I don't know, but well, you can.  Of course, when you are away from New Mexico and want a sopapilla,  be sure to ask if they know what that is.  A daughter or two, a number of years ago, in Northern Utah, wanting a taste of home, ordered a sopapilla, What came, they said, tasted good, but it was far from a sopapilla. I don't even remember now just what it was, but when they ask what it was and were told it was a sopapilla, they laughed at the waiter and when he ask where they were from and learned they were from Southwest New Mexico, he said, Yeah, we always have trouble with people from down there.  Yup, I would imagine they would.  I have watched several TV chefs cook this type of food, and while the Pioneer Woman gets it close, no one gets it quite like we do here.  But then I'm prejudice and proud of it and will never change my mind on this subject.  So enjoy the food wherever you are and just know that no matter how good your Mexican or Spanish food is, we do it best here.  Sorry you aren't here to enjoy.  Oh, and a little Salsa for topping on your Ice Cream might just be the thing.  AND THAT'S THE VIEW FROM THE DITCH BANK


  1. Should NOT have read this during my break because now I do not want that yucky thing I brought for lunch.


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