Thursday, November 3, 2016


1.  DID YOU WATCH THE COUNTRY MUSIC AWARDS SHOW?  No, I didn't either. I am a country music fan, but I like the classic country. I did see a few blurbs on social media about the show, however.  I just have to wonder how many people are now "Country" music fans there are after watching Beyonce do he strip show on a country music show.  Glad I didn't watch that.
2. Did you watch the world series game last night.  No. Me neither.  But the Chicago Cubs won the game and the series in extra innings. This is the first time the Cubs have won the series since 1908. President Obama has tendered them an invitation to the White House. Don't know if they will accept or not.  The Cleveland Indians were the losing team.  The series took 7 games and the Cubs won 4 and the Indians won 3. The Indians haven't won the series since 1948 and they put forth a great effort.  Even though they didn't win the series, I think they should be offered an invitation to the White House also. 
3. Did you vote already?  Are you having Buyers remorse?  It seems that there are some people in some States that voted early, mostly by mail, and now they are wishing they had not voted the way they did and there are some States that are making in possible for these individuals to have a do over.  Seems that they can go in a cancel their previous vote and cast a new one.  Hmmmm. wouldn't it just be easier to wait for election day and then be sure.  Or at least kinda sure?
4. Do you have medical insurance?  Did your premiums go up for 2017?  For many people it did. Almost double, in some cases.  If our old people insurance goes up, we haven't yet been notified. Guess we will have to wait and see.  I think I am glad we made a change a few years back.

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