Monday, November 7, 2016


MUCH HAS BEEN SAID ABOUT THE NOBLE SAVAGE; AKA THE AMERICAN INDIAN. I have to wonder just how noble they actually were, or how savage, for that matter.  I have a little knowledge of the heritage of the American Indian, and I know somewhat of their back ground. There have been times in their history that they were indeed noble and there were times that they were indeed savage.  By the time the Europeans arrived on the scene in the form of Christopher Columbus, they had many centuries to practice their craft of savagery.  Now, I am not posting this blog about the history of the Indian.  I just have to wonder if any of them actually said what they said.   Example.
Daylight saving time is the White Mans way of cutting a foot off one end of a blanket and sewing it on the other end to make it longer.  While I agree with the sentiment, did a member of one of the Indian tribes actually say that?  If so, to whom is it credited?  Just wondering.
Another saying is the Indian comment on a bicycle.  The saying,  That is just the White Mans way of setting down and walking.  Again, did a member of an Indian Tribe actually say that, and if so, who?  
And finally, an Indian saying is that there is in each of us a good person and a bad person, and the one that comes through is the one we feed.  That is probably a paraphrase, but once again, is this an authentic Indian saying, and if so who said it?  
Now, I am not discrediting any of these sayings or their origin being from a member of an American Indian tribe.  I just have to wonder if they actually said that, or if they are credited with saying that for some unknown reason.  JUST WONDERING HERE ON THE DITCH BANK

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