Monday, November 21, 2016


WELL, IT'S BEEN A COUPLE OF WEEKS NOW; since the election. There will be a lot said and done over the next few weeks prior to the inauguration of a new President. There will be a lot said and done over the next 4 years as the new administration governs. For better or worse. We will see.  On that note, I would like to make a few comments on what happened, and why.
1. In spite of the polls and the media predictions, Donald Trump won the election.  Some of the news talking heads I watched over the next couple of days were in shock. Comments I heard them make was   "What did we do wrong" and "How did we get it wrong"?  It was almost as if they were the only people involved in the election and what ever they said was the way it would go. So, what did they get wrong.  That is the purpose of this post.
2. They polled the "Elite" as it were and they polled in the Cities. They took the word and endorsements of "celebrities" and the failed to poll and pay attention to the "silent majority".  You know the ones. Those of us that work and pay the majority of the taxes that run the tics in Washington. The ones who were losing work because of closed industrial jobs, mines, forests and logging jobs, ranching and farming jobs. Rising taxes and over burdensome regulations on doing business, while the roads and bridges are going to pot.  In some States literally going to Pot. Police officers that are called to a domestic violence situation or a robbery or whatever is being committed by some one with a long history of law breaking and when the officers arrive and the law breaker eventually gets shot, the officer is the bad guy.  The people who are law abiding gun owners who are threatened with losing their 2nd amendment right and their guns because one individual who shouldn't have a gun, gets one and kills some innocent people.  These people.
3. Will Donald Trump be a good President?  Only time will tell. He can bring a boost to the economy and create jobs.  How will he do on foreign policy as well as other domestic policies, we will have to wait and see.  Will he get rid of Obama Care? No he will not.  Will he and congress revamp Obama care. Yes, I think they will. Will he support the 2nd amendment.  He says so. Will he cut the over burdensome regulations on doing business. He says he will. We will see.  Will he revamp and simplify the tax code?  he said he would. We will see. 
4. Will he revamp the immigration status of those who are here illegally? Well, yes, he will do something.  Will he heal the race relations?  He will try, I think, but he will need the assistance of those of other races to work with him.
5. Will he do every thing he said he would do?  Probably not. But then no president has and no president probably will. 
6. One thing I think that will help will be for Hillary and President Obama to stand and call for those who are looting and burning and trashing private or even public property to stop. While President Obama has ask that Trump be given a chance to govern, he has not ask the rioters to stop, and whether she intended it that way or not, Hillary only spurred them on by making a speech and telling the people to continuing doing what they are doing and standing up for what they believe.
7. One last thought.  For the most part, I tend to ignore the rants on facebook, regardless of the direction they are going.  However, I did see a couple of local news programs that High Schools and Colleges were providing counselors for those students who were depressed over Hillary losing the election.  I'm an old man, but I think these kids need to be told the facts of life, and that life isn't always fair and that sometime your side loses.  Suck it up and get on with life. Get an education or a trade and be a contributing person your community and the nation and don't go around crying about losing and destroying someone else's property because you are upset.  

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