Tuesday, November 29, 2016


NO, NOT THE ATMOSPHERIC PRESSURE, but the pressure of being bombed.  The Christmas season is in full swing and we are being bombarded from all sides. On the TV, the Radio, if you listen to one, in magazines and news papers and on the computer. As are coming in in droves. Buy this or buy that, or even buy both of them.  And you know you need this. it will make you life easier. Just a small monthly payment on your credit card and it can be yours.  Chances are many of these items will be long wore our before the small credit card payment is completed.  Now we have black Friday, and shop small business on Saturday and Cyber Monday.  Makes you look forward to Taco Tuesday, I guess.  What do we do for Wednesday, or Thursday?  Have you seen the TV ad of the man with the black eye that he got while shopping on Black Friday, but he saved hundreds, while his neighbor slept in and saved thousands buying a new vehicle, cause the car dealer has saving type deals all month long?  Well, I didn't sleep in, I didn't shop black Friday, or cyber Monday and I saved hundreds also.  I also didn't buy any thing that the advertisements gushed that they thought I Needed.  I don't need the TV people to tell me what I need, how to act or what to do at any given minute.  I may be getting old and senile, but for now I can still think for myself, and buy what I really Need, when I really need it. So, take your bombs somewhere else. I don't need them or pay attention to them.   AND THAT'S THE VIEW FROM THE DITCH BANK

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