Tuesday, September 2, 2014


AND WHAT DID IT SMELL LIKE?  In a land far away from where I actually reside, lies the land on the ditch bank.  Yesterday, Labor Day, My wife and I spent the bulk of the day on this ditch bank property doing some clean up. And taking pictures of Eagles, bugs and spiders. And the landscape.  And just enjoying the day, on the ditch bank. And sitting in the shade for a picnic lunch and listening to the wind in the pines. And smelling the pines and the grass and the weeds and the country side in general.  Good day and good smells.  All to soon, it seemed, we had to climb aboard the pickup and return to the place where we currently reside. And the accompanying smells.
As we went for a walk this morning, just after dawn broke over the valley, we noticed the difference from what we were smelling as opposed to yesterday.  Automobile smells, scented dryer sheet smells, perfume from a house where the woman was getting ready to go to work.  Perfume or hair spray.  Coffee and cigarette smells.  So much different that yesterday, and not nearly as pleasant. Nope, no where near as pleasant.  Even as we left the confines of the town and got into the hills and vales where we walk, through the weeds and grass, it still smelled different than did the smell of the grass and weeds and pines of the ditch bank. How do people get so used to the perfumery smells of the town.  I don't know. And I can't.  What do you smell where you live? And do you like it and look forward to the morning smells, or the evening smells, or even the mid day or midnight smells.  Nothing and I mean nothing, beats the fresh smell of the country side and the sound of wind in the pines.

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