Tuesday, September 9, 2014


ARE THEY OR AREN'T THEY? That is the question. One I ask myself from time to time.  Myself just don't seem to have a good answer.   
Back i the not quite so dark ages, when I was in High School, several of us were gathered around outside of the school one morning and the basketball coach, looking up at the contrails across the sky, commented, " Well he can't lie to his boss about where he has been".  Since from that time to now a lot of contrails have crossed the sky, a person, namely me, just has to wonder How crowded is the sky? Really.  If you look at a map of all the planes in the sky at any given time, it makes a person wonder just how they all manage to get from point A to point what ever they are going to. But for the most part they do, day after day. having worked for an Airline in the distant past, I understand somewhat the pattern that makes it all click.  So I am not really concerned about it on the rare occasions when I climb inside one of those aluminum tubes and let some jet jockey move me from point A to point wherever I may be going.  
On the other hand, though, there are a few things going on now that wasn't around during the above mentioned almost dark ages.  AM radio was around, and TV was coming along, with black and white pictures, and the air waves were undulating along with invisible contrails of their own.  Then FM radio came into existence, and two way radios became more and more prevalent, especially in the 70's with the craze of CB radios. And of course, the above mentioned contrails were also becoming increasingly numerous.
Now there are cell phones. Millions and millions of them. And the internet,and WIFI, and satellite radio, and space beams and space junk.  It just makes an old bald head like mine just spin in wonder at it all, and never cease to be amazed that somewhere, sometime, if all of this won't collide up there in the crowded sky and just come tumbling down.  Airplanes, satellites, cell phone calls and TV images and all.
Bet that will make a terrible jumbled up mess when it hits.


  1. Let's hope it hits...somewhere we are not?

  2. Probably fall all over like a bunch of spaghetti and interstate interchanges designed by someone eating a meal of such.


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