Thursday, August 28, 2014


WE'VE ALL HEARD THIS QUESTION. Haven't we.  What came first, the chicken or the egg. Any one who has actually read this blog and checked my status, will know that I am a member of a Christian Faith and so I have deeply held roots in the Bible.  And the story of the creation says that the earth was created and, among other things, animals were placed on the earth. Adam was assigned to give each of the animals a name, and one of those was the chicken. Oh! and Adam and Eve were the first people placed on this newly created planet that we know as Earth. So, the Chicken came before the egg and Adam and his wife Eve were the first people placed on the earth. I also know that this was not the first planet that was created and had people placed on it. And no, I don't not know what number we are in that line of planet creation.  But that is not the reason of this post.  Just a filler until I get to the real reason for posting this first.  
I am really concerned about the Ebola outbreak in Africa. And the suffering the people there are going through.  But, I am a little confused about something here.  The medical people have said that the only way to get Ebola is to come in contact with the body fluids of someone who has it. Now, if that is the case, how did the first person get it.  Someone had to have it to give it to the second one. But the second one couldn't get it because the first one didn't have it.  Did you follow that?  If not, I'm sorry, but I am not going to go back and try to rewrite it.
But if the first person to ever get it didn't get it from someone else, then they had to get it from somewhere. And that being the case, isn't it possible for someone to get this without coming in contact with someone who already has it?  Just a question I have no answer to.  Like I do for the Chicken and the Egg.
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