Wednesday, September 24, 2014


WHAT IS IT ABOUT NOISE?  Now, I know I am getting old.  And my hearing is probably worse than I will admit, but better than my wife will admit.  Maybe somewhere in between the two.  But, still. Noise, and lots of it seems to emanate from the whole world now a days.  And I just have to say why?   Here where we live, in a place many miles distant from the ditch bank, is a quiet neighborhood.  Oh! sorry, I meant it used to be a quiet neighborhood.  At least on this end of the street where we live.  Then someone moved in to a house with noisy kids. And some one else moved in next to them with noisy vehicles.  More on that in a moment. Then others moved in with noisy habits.  And it is about to drive us bonkers.  So, I will detail a couple or three things about this.
1. Noisy kids.  I have no objection to kids playing in the street, riding bicycles, pulling wagons, or whatever they do.  At least they are outside and not sitting in front of a video game.  But this group of kids, the ones mentioned above and some of their friends from other streets, seem to delight in making noise.  They don't really play. Sometimes they just stand and scream. At the top of their lungs.  We ask them to not do that.  Play if you want, but go to your house to scream. Nope, Momma and Daddy don't like that.  So they scream in front of our house.  Again, Why? Just for the noise of it?  Who knows.  But this seems to be something that goes on with kids all over the place, not just those here in the used to be quiet neighborhood.

2. Music.  No one likes music more than I.  But I like music and I like me to hear it. I don't blast it so loud that the neighbor hood can hear it for blocks away.  And so much of it is not really music. It is just, uh, well, noise.  And some of it has such bad language, why would any one want to record such filth, much less listen to it. And why blast it so loud that even I can hear it? Again. Just noise on a used to be quiet street. 

3. Vehicles. When I was a teenager, oh so many years ago, I bought a 1955 Ford Fairlane. I had a small V8 engine and twin pipes. I removed the mufflers and installed glass packs. And it had a very pretty putter. And a lot of the cars back then had that sound. Even in the 90's we had a Pickup with a big V8 engine with twin pipes and that good listening putter.  You don't hear much of that any more.  Here on the street where we live, one of the above mentioned family's have 4 vehicles. Three of them or noisy. Not a putter noisy, but a no exhaust muffler of any type kind of noisy. A sedan car, a motorcycle and a jeep. And even though the block from their house to the corner where they have to turn is only a hundred feet or so, they seem to need to hit a MPH for each foot in that distance. With the vehicles would up as loud as they can be.  But, it is not just them.  So many of the vehicles now have that same sound.  Not a pretty twin pipe putter, but, well, just noise. Sometimes when it is quiet I want to go out in the street and holler, "Can you people hear this?"  But I don't want to shatter the quiet which comes around all to seldom lately.  I can't help but think that by the time a lot of these people get my age, they will all be deaf.  The hearing aid people will have a roaring business, and no one will be able to hear the roar.

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