Monday, June 2, 2014


MORE THINGS FROM THE NEWS:  And an opinion or two. A little back ground.  The Southwest is hot and dry and has been for a few years now.  Some areas have had some moisture, but for the most part it is just hot and dry.  So having said that.

1.  A year or two back the city of Albuquerque ask the resident to conserve water because of the dry weather.  And they did.  And now, the city is raising the water rates because the residents are not using enough water to bring in the needed revenue to operate the water department.  Hmmm. go figure

2. The city of Silver City gets some gas tax dollars to pay for city street maintainence. But due to the push for more environmentally friendly cars that use less gas, the city is not getting enough tax money to maintain the city streets. So what is the answer? You guessed it. They want to add a few cents to the price of gas paid in the city so they can have enough money to take care of the streets.

3. And finally, at least for this post.  A few days ago a man in California stabbed some men to death in his apartment, went to a public place and shot some people to death and then ran over some more with his car as he "escaped".  He died during the event.  But the point of this is.  Why is the hue and cry against guns only. He killed people with a knife and a car.  Why not raise an outcry against knives and cars.  The guns didn't kill any one. Not did the knife or the car.  The individual using these three items killed people.  Still, there is a cry against guns. Again.  People have been killing people since centuries before guns were ever invented. Blame the people, not the weapon. Be it knife, gun, club or car.

But, the tics will raise funds on the backs of the people and those against guns will use any argument to regulate them or get rid of them all together.  We as those on whose backs these things take place just need to be ever vigilant.   AND THAT'S THE VIEW FROM THE DITCH BANK.


  1. I just read this before I read your post

  2. Yeah, sorry. I'm one of the ones thinking access to guns in this country is scary easy.


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