Monday, June 23, 2014


IF IT WASN'T FOR THE NEWS, I would probably be left to come up with something on my own. But there is the news, and I just have to decide what I want to do with it, if any thing.  So, here goes the next issue of my opinion of what's on the news.

1. A recent news item reported that unemployment has dropped, and is near the point it was at in 2009.  And that the recession was over and had been going over since 2009, the last five years. Right! Right. Not.  Why do I dispute this, you ask?  OK, you didn't ask, but I'll tell ya any way.  At the end of December 2013, Congress stopped the long term unemployment checks to millions of individuals who had been unable to find a job.  Even though this was a news item for a few weeks, it soon lost the interest of Congress and the news media.  And guess what, that also dropped a lot of people from the unemployment numbers. So unemployment went down.  Good for the establishment to report.  Still, there are occasional news reports that there has been a jump in jobs, but they are not a lot and there will also be an occasional report of company's shutting down and laying off employees.  Just a blurb on the news blotter of the day.  Just this morning on the Today show, there was a report of a group of people being called the boomerang generation.  Who are they?  Students who have graduated with a college degree and no jobs to be had, so they "boomerang" or move back in with their parents, cause they have no job and no place to live.  Makes one wonder where all these jobs are that are mentioned on the news, when people can't find jobs and move back with Mommy and Daddy.

2.  There have been several news reports of children left in a hot car and dying in the heat. One father said that he was not guilty of this because his mind was on auto pilot and he just forgot. One suggestion is to leave a diaper bag on the front seat and the cell phone in the back with the child. I say you don't even need to leave the diaper bag in the front. Just leave the cell phone in the back seat with the child and I can assure you there would never be another child left in a hot car. Still, it is beyond me to even understand how a parent can forget he or she has a child in the car. For hours.  If you can't be more aware of your children than that, don't have them. 

3. The State of Utah is getting ready to vote on whether to opt out of Daylight Savings Time. Regardless of your opinion of this irritant, Daylight Savings Time, not Utah, one of the reasons cited for opting out is that ranchers and farmers will have more daylight to get their work done. Wow. Makes one wonder who came up with that gem. The sun comes up and the sun goes down and it matters not what time the hands on the clock point to.  The daylight amounts to the same amount of hours regardless of what the clock says.  Must have been a politician who works by the clock and spends little time out in the sun.

4. And this last little gem.  From an advertisement, not the news.  Rust o leum is advertising a product called Never wet.   As there ad goes, imagine a surface getting rained on and not getting wet.  I live in the Southwest and we are in an extreme drought and have been for several years. I am having a hard time imagining a surface getting rained on. And if we ever do get rained on, I sincerely hope we do get wet. I actually have seen rain, but it would be nice if it would rain soon so some of the young people could see it before they are grown and have to try to explain it to their children. It might be difficult to explain something they are not familiar with.


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  1. 2. I've forgotten Sammy was in the car before. I have complete empathy for those people who do forget because it's out of routine.

    3. Are we really? Huh. That's the first I've heard about it...

    4. I'm terrified of the chemicals they needed to use to come up with that.


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