Monday, June 16, 2014


1. Did you see on the news the other day where a Wal-Mart truck driver went to sleep and hit some people and killed then in a traffic accident back east.  Where is the out rage?  Oh! there was some, but it was against truck drivers.  Isn't it odd?  When someone kills someone else with a gun, it's the guns fault, but when a truck driver kills some one with a truck it's the drivers fault.  Maybe we need to just get rid of Wal-Mart.   Just a thought. About the oddity about guns and trucks.  Wal-Mart an option.

2. I read the other day in the Ogden, Utah paper about an experiment going on in Texas. Dow chemical is experimenting with planting trees to help with air pollution.  What a novel idea, doncha think? I say that sour castically.  I thought it was common knowledge that trees help keep the air clean.  While I support the logging industry, I disagree with the "need" of developers to get rid of all trees when they build houses.  Go Dow.

3.  I saw a face book post that said Taylor Swift was leaving Country music and going Pop.  Well, Duh.  I got news fer ya.  She never was country. Not even on her best day. All I can say is this is a win for country and well, I hope pop embraces her and her monotone voice.  Nuff said. 

4. And finally. This was not a news item. I stopped at a local Service Station, ( does any one call gas stations that any more?) to buy a local paper. A man in front of me had won the whopping sum of $14.00 on a lottery ticket and while I waited for the clerk to take my 50 cents for the paper, this man spent his winnings buying more lottery tickets. A series of them. I finally put my 50 cents on the counter and walked out. I have no clue if he won again, but I wholly doubt it. Wonder why he didn't just buy UH $4.00 worth of tickets, if he had to have more and pocket the 10.  At least he wouldn't be quite so far in the hole.  An if any of you think the occasional win is a win, if you constantly buy lottery tickets, there is no way you will ever actually "win".  The lottery just ain't designed that way.



  1. 1. The only outrage I saw WAS toward WalMart and truckers' hours. Which is scandalous.
    2...and now Texas will think they were first coming up with that? I'm not terribly impressed with most things coming out of that state.
    3. Shoot. My mind put a period after "leaving". If only...
    4. Wouldn't it be disingenuous to call it a service station, still, since most only sell gas and don't really "service" anything? Except for coke and lottery tickets, naturally...

  2. Actually, truckers hours are not bad, if the truck drivers follow the rules and laws governing their driving. Unfortunately, there is no way to govern what they do off the clock. The news on the above mentioned article on the Wal-Mart driver indicated he had been awake for over 20 some hours and that he had been driving all that time. In fact, while he may not have rested in that time, he was not behind the wheel for all that time, and may have only just began his trip a short time before the accident.
    The service station comment was a tongue in cheek type of comment,


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