Monday, June 9, 2014


THE NEWS IS A WEALTH OF INFORMATION:  And if I wanted to spend more time than I already do, I could write a new post about every day on something that strikes me in some way, just from the news. So, I will just comment on a few things here and see what comes up in the next few days that might appeal to my sense of what ever it is that makes me voice my opinion.

1.  Did you see the news article about the judge in Florida getting into a fight with a defendant? Yep, happened, according to the news.  And the judge made the challenge to the defendant and took off his robes and said, lets go outside and fight.  Well, I really paraphrased this, but that is the gist of what happened.  according to the news.  What the news didn't really get into is just what brought all this about. I am sure there is a lot of background information that brought this to a head if I was ambitious enough to do some research.  But I'm not, so just take it for what was reported and say.......on to # 2.  That is number 2, not hashtag 2.

2. Next item that caught my attention. In California a man was hired by the Post Office to trim some trees by their office.  Why? Cause birds were sitting, or roosting in the branches and, um, making a mess on the vehicles parked below. So, the man trimmed the trees, and during the process a birds nest was disturbed and the baby birds fell and some of them were hurt.  Now the man is in legal trouble for hurting the birds.  Seems it is against the law to hurt a bird while trimming their resting place.  Or maybe it is their birth place. I'll have to say this disturbs me. Not the birds being hurt, but the man being in legal trouble for doing the job that the postal service hired him to do.  Maybe they need to trim their budget and not worry about the trees.  More on that thought in # 3

3. I assume that any one who uses the U.S. Postal Service is aware of the fact that their budget is in the red. There are a lot of reasons being put forth as to why, but most of it centers around e mail for letters and other companies such as UPS delivering larger items. And they are probably correct.  I advocate for stopping Saturday mail service. this has been proposed in the past and shot down. But here is my idea.  I know a postal employee in a medium sized postal office who works 5 days a week. His two days off are Sunday and Tuesday. Others who work in that office, ( and I am assuming in most other postal offices ) are on a similar schedule. If Saturday service was cut out, then every employee could work 5 days a week with Saturday and Sunday off, and eliminate the extra employees that are now required to fill in on the days that employees have scheduled off during the week.  And who really needs to have mail delivery on Saturday anyway?  Really.

4. Well, guess I'll end with a tic rant.  Well, kinda.  Decades ago John F. Kennedy was elected President of the United States. In 1963 he was killed by an assassin's bullet.  Fast forward a few decades and a movie was made of his life. A young college basketball coach took his women basketball team to see the movie. When he ask me if I had seen the movie I told him I had not and did not intend to. He said I should, it was a good movie. Maybe it was, or is. My response to him, however, " I was alive and well when all this happened and had lived through it and did not need to see Hollywood's version of it."  Now, Hillary, you know who, has a book coming out. An autobiography, I guess.  I  have no desire to read it. Maybe I should. And since I have almost, I said almost, learned to never say never, I might read it.  Naw, don't think so. She has political aspirations and I am jumping to confusions and assuming that this book will be mostly true, with her spin on what happened with various events that I have been alive and well and lived through, and I really don't need to read her spin on things to decide whether to vote for her to become President in 2016.  That decision, on my part, has already been made.  And, I am sure there are a lot of books by a lot of authors coming out in the next few days or weeks that will be good reads that will never be mentioned on the news. Or in the news.  Well, I guess thats nuff said for now. 
Hope you feel to express you own opinions on this VIEW FROM THE DITCH BANK

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