Wednesday, December 31, 2014


I DON'T REALLY LIKE PEOPLE.  Well, I guess I need to qualify that.  I like people. I have a lot of friends and acquaintances that I like. Some of them a lot, actually. But people as a whole, or maybe I should say people en mass, or in a mass, I just don't like.  I could never live in a city. I can tolerate a city when I have to go there, but to live there. Nope, just won't happen.  I really don't like a lot of what people do even in a small town.  And I will tell you why.
NOISE: Is there a color that depicts noise better than another one?  I don't know, but noise? for the sake of noise?  Nope.  I was raised in the 50's, when hot cars and glass packs were more normal that not. I had a 55 Ford Fairlane with twin pipes and glass packs. Man that was a sound. Even now I like that sound. I had a 85 Ford pickup with twins and packs and it sounded good.  Still like that sound. But we currently have a neighbor who has a car that he constantly is working on, mostly to try to get it to start and run and when it runs, it is noisy. Really noisy. And it is not a good sound, it is just noise. Ear splitting, bone jarring noise. And a motorcycle that would deafen a sound barrier breaking jet plane. No reason in the world that I can see for all that noise.
My wife and I were recently in a city of moderate size for reasons that have nothing to do with this post. After a supper at a popular restaurant of our choice, we went to a local mall to do a little walking before returning to the hotel for the night.  Mind you, Christmas is over, it is evening, and the mall was teeming with people. People making noise. Makes a sensible person like me wonder why they weren't home with their families, having supper and getting the babies ready for bed. Babies that were in the mall with them. And people were shopping. Have to wonder where all the money came from with Christmas just over and all. And the noise. We had to cut our after supper walk short and return to the hotel in order to retain our sanity.
I'm sure those were all good people and if I knew them I would like them. Most of them any way. But as a part of the teeming masses roaming the mall with cell phones in hand and talking a mile a minute and twice as loud, I just couldn't find any liking in my heart. Or mind. What little of it I still had. Noise.
And then we go to the streets and just have to wonder how any of them ever make it any where safely, speeding and weaving through traffic, just makes a person want to get our of Dodge, so to speak, and away from people. And THAT'S THE VIEW FROM THE DITCH BANK


  1. Our town is way too quiet sometimes. I miss the city. But...I always wondered where my 'I hate people' gene came from. Now I know!

  2. Tawnya, I'm laughing at your comment!! I too have a "I hate people" gene. I know myself well enough now to try to carve out some Kay alone time each day, then I'm good, but otherwise....well I guess I feel smothered by people if I don't get it.


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