Saturday, November 1, 2014


THE MEANING OF HALLOWEEN? The really true meaning?  You did?  Well, good for you. But for those of us that really didn't, here it is. Well, kinda. It seems that the powers that wish they were think the Halloween celebration started in the Celtic speaking countries. Ireland and Scotland. And it is a Christian celebration. It has been called, even in this day and time "The Day of the Dead." And that is what it celebrates.  The dead. To start with, people would light candles in honor of their relatives who had passed away. Gradually, over time, Halloween evolved in to whatever it is today. While it is still often called the day of the dead, many of us probably didn't know why. And if we chose to make a guess, it would probably miss the mark. However, a few decades back, in the 50's, the 1950's that is, Halloween was celebrated much as it is today. We went trick or treating and got home to a cache of candy, or home made cookies or home made pop corn balls. And the older kids among us would do more tricking that treating. But while the tricks were annoying to those so tricked, they were rarely destructive or malicious. Yes, there was some of that, but not much.  Mostly just an irritant to the recipient.  Like a wagon taken apart and reassembled on top of the school house. Or the family pig that received a dose of pink paint across it's back. Or soap smeared on the house or car windows. And the occasional out house tipped over. That didn't really go over very well, especially if the owner was inside at the time. Well, the trick didn't go over very well, but the our house did. Or the time an owner of such an edifice moved his out house forward a few feet and when the tricksters came up behind it to tip it over, it wasn't in place and they were the recipients of the trick. Ewww. Glad I wasn't in on that one. Literally.  And costumes were in vogue, also. But, over time, some things have changed. I haven't seen any tricks in the little place where I reside for several years, and those coming around asking for treats do wear costumes that resemble characters from such Frozen and Scream. I know that cause I ask and they told me. But I have to wonder; just how many of the adults accompanying the young ones have even the slightest clue what the holiday is even about. If not, perhaps a little research is in order.  AND THAT'S THE VIEW FROM THE DITCH BANK

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