Monday, November 24, 2014


YES I KNOW, I GET A LITTLE FAR FETCHED AT TIMES.  So, how about this for a novel idea. Back East, in New York and other areas they have several feet of snow. And they are trucking it somewhere and dumping it. And hoping they can get the snow moved soon enough to prevent flooding.  Well, load this snow in to refrigerated rail cars and bring it West to drought stricken areas in California and other areas in the Western States that could benefit from a lot of that snow. Or put it in the airplanes that dump slurry on forest fires and bring it West and dump it on said drought stricken areas. Solves the flooding problem in the East and helps a little bit with the drought in the West.  America used to think out of the box like that. Now, towns will be flooded away while the Environmental Impact Statement is being written.  Oh Well, on to the next Novel idea.

The Royals are coming. As in the Duke and Duchess, AKA William and Kate. They will visit the United States next year. And the members of the press that will cover this event have been told that they need to dress better than they currently do. Well, Duh. What a novel idea. Dress decently to go to work. Who would have thought that this would be an issue. Just dress nicely every day when you go to work and then you won't have to be told to dress for certain events.

And finally, while I am on the subject of dressing. I didn't watch the music awards show last night, but did see the news clips of it this morning.  If these "Stars" are so good and selling so much "music" and apparently making a lot of money, then one would think they could afford clothes that would cover them. So many of them are performing on the stage in front of people as to be obscene. Even a lot of the Country Stars of current times seem to think that pants with holes in them and shirts that almost aren't are the thing to wear.  What happened to wearing good clothes to perform. Bands of the past wore, for lack of a better term, uniforms of matching shirts and pants and boots and were proud to be called by whatever the band name was. Now, it seems that they just show up in whatever is handy when they get dressed. And I don't like it. 


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  1. 1. Can you imagine an entire chunk of snow being dropped from a plane? Hope no one was camping there...

    2. I think the point is that it was ABOVE 'nice dress' and a pretty strict dress code for the royals. Which...well. Maybe I should leave my opinion quiet!


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