Friday, November 21, 2014


HOW MANY ARE THERE, REALLY? Yes, I am talking about those who are in the country illegally. President Obama last night used his pen and his phone to grant amnesty to 5 million undocumented residents. That, according to the news, is 5 million out of the 11 million who are here in the country, undocumented. So, I repeat the question. Who did the counting?  If they are "undocumented", as in, there is no paper work on them to show that they are even here, how do "they" know how many there are.  Now, I know there are many in the country without documentation who are hard workers, law abiding people. And because they are, perhaps they should be given the amnesty the President says they will have.  But the President also said that criminals and terrorists would be deported. Who counted them. And if they were available to be counted, why weren't they detained and deported then, not now with the announcement of the President. 
Now, having said all that, I have a couple of uneducated comments to add to this subject, before moving on.  I admit I am not the most educated person in the U.S. of A on immigration laws. But I do believe there is a process to come into the U.S. of A. legally and documented. An expensive way, perhaps, but a way, never the less. And to grant amnesty to those who are here illegally, ahead of those who are trying to get here legally, or who are already here and working toward legal residency or even citizenship is like a blow to them. 
My final comment on the subject, at least for this post, is this.  If what the President did last night is legal, then congress needs to work with him and, if necessary, pass legislation to accommodate his edict. Make it legal and work with it.  If, on the other hand, what he did last night was not legal for him to do, then what he did needs to be undone by the congress and then legislation written in a manner that is fair and equal to all. Surely members of congress have their own pens and phones.  Use them.

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  1. It was legal, as far as I've read and understand. And great. And very in line with what Pres. Uchtdorf has stated as the church's official position (yay!).


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