Monday, November 10, 2014


NOW, DID THAT TITLE CATCH YOUR ATTENTION?  When I started this blog a few years ago, I stated that I would not be posting personal things, but would be posting my uneducated opinion of the things going on around me. However, I have posted personal things about myself from time to time and today will be no different.  Well, I guess it will be different from those things going on around me. 
Back in September I posted that I had caught a Staph Infection. And the resulting medication and a few of the things that went on because of that infection. After taking the prescribed drugs for 2 weeks, It seemed that the infection had not completely gone away. My leg still had a light red to pinkish ring around the lower part above the ankle and it swelled up really bad. I mean, really bad. So a week ago I returned to the Dr. to see what she thought about it. She sent in prescription for 2 more weeks of meds and then told me not to take them for a while, but to go to a medical supply business that is here in town and get me some panty hose. Actually, they are the support kind of hose that squeezes your legs like a passionate lover. 
And I guess they are not really panty hose, cause I just have to wear it on the swelling up leg and it ends about half way up on the thigh. But, it does keep the swelling down. Just like she said it should.  Guess I'll continue to wear these nylon's for a period of time. Or, since I wear only one, is it just nylon. Singular.
And just to end this missive on a note that was stated in the title, I once worked for a manly man, a hunter and out doors type, who said he had found that the best thing to wear when he went hunting in the cold fall weather was pantyhose.  Said you could laugh at him if you wanted too, but while you were laughing, he was warm.  Think I am about as close as I will actually get to wearing panty hose, though.


  1. I may never recover from reading this line : "that squeezes your legs like a passionate lover" from out of my father's mouth...

  2. That bothers you? Yet you tell us not to watch certain movies that you like? HMMM

  3. Mom read it and laughed. Made our day. You crack me up


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