Monday, October 27, 2014


A FEW THOUGHTS ON A COUPLE OF THINGS:  I read a cartoon this morning in which the husband tells his wife he needs to see an eye Dr.  When his wife ask why, he said, "Because I don't see things like I used to."  Well, the obvious conclusion to this cartoon is that his vision is getting blurred and he needs glasses. Or new glasses that are a little stronger.  But as I read that, a thought went through my mind; Well, as we age we often don't see things as we used to. So, I will elaborate on this a bit.
I am now in the earlier years of my 80th decade on this earth and in the early years of living 6 of those decades with my wife.  I wore glasses when we got married lo those many years ago and I wear glasses now.  But after cataract surgery on both eyes, even though I wear glasses, my vision is much better, eye sight wise, now than it was when we married. But, I see a lot of things differently now than I did then.  And that has nothing to do with eye sight.  Maybe a lot to do with hind sight. Things that I thought were important then are not so important now. And I often wish, as probably most parents do, that I could impart some of that knowledge and wisdom, such as it may be, to the younger generation. Would they listen. Maybe. Would they learn. Probably not. It seems that each generation has to go through their own learning phrase. And I am not even trying to imply that I am wise, because the longer I live the more I realize that I am not all that wise. And since this is a blog and not a confessional, I will not go into details on all that I feel that I have done wrong, or even right, over the last many years. I just used a lot of words to say that I see things differently now than I used to.  And there is not an eye Dr. that can help that.
The other item of thought was a news item I saw on TV and was just left shaking my head in amazement over the things people do.  The news item was this.  (I paraphrase in my own words) A teacher is buying or getting someone to buy stationary exercise bikes for young students to use as they read and study in class.  Why?  Well, it seems that it has been decided that these students have so much energy to burn, that sitting in class for a long stretch of time they get fidgety and lose concentration on what is being taught. So, they can go to a room and get on a stationary bike and pedal away while they read. or study.  Then, kinda as an after thought in the news article, it was mentioned that the students no longer have a recess period during the day.  And I though
Well Duh.  If these young students would be given a short recess mid morning, a lunch time mid day and another recess time mid afternoon, they would burn that energy and then they could concentrate on their studies and no funds would need to be expended on exercise equipment. In a room with artificial light.  Yep, I repeat. Well, Duh.  Guess I am old and out of sync with the times, but this just makes so much sense to me.

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  1. I read an article that in...Finland? they have 15 minute breaks for every 45 minutes of seated work. And the results were more focus and higher achieving students. I don't know why more people (here) won't adopt something similar.


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