Wednesday, December 3, 2014


I'M SURE THE TITLE GIVES THIS POST AWAY.  But I will offer a few comments any way. Several months ago a young black teen was killed by a white vigilante man. The man's claim was that he was defending himself. He was found not guilty. He has since been divorced, left by a girl friend and in trouble with the law several times. So far as I know, the black teen was only guilty of walking home. Was there more to the story than the news reported. I'm sure there was, but we, the public, will never know for sure. But as far as I'm concerned, the white guy is the bad guy.
Now, fast forward to Ferguson, Mo. A police officer responded to a call and was assaulted by a young black boy who was seen on video robbing a convenience store. The cop shot the black boy in self defense. And a jury found the cop innocent of any wrong doing. When that verdict came down, the boy friend of the boy's mother screamed Burn this ***** down. And they did.  Where was the sense in that?
And a few months back, a black man was breaking the law in New York and in resisting the police, he was taken down and died. Were the police brutal? Maybe, but probably not. He was breaking the law and he was resisting arrest. Now, protesters are gathering in New York and probably other places as well, too, well, protest.  And where is the sense in that?
And why doesn't the news focus on the fact that these individuals were breaking the law and the police were responding to that, and as a result the offender was taken down and subsequently died. Do I know all the facts in each of these cases? No, I don't. But I do know that these acts and verdicts are not a reason to loot and burn. And it is noteworthy that a lot of prominent, working Black people are speaking out against those who are taking part in these violent acts. 
Now, lest someone who actually reads this drivel thinks I am against Black people, I am not. I have Black family members and friends who are Black.  Good friends and good people. And there are many people of all other races of people, who are committing acts of violence.  And some of them are even police officers, though their numbers are few. And the neighborhood where my wife and I live is getting to be a place of people who have little regard for the rules, or for the property of other people. But we watch, and we survive. 

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