Friday, May 17, 2013


NOT TALKING ABOUT YOU PERSONALLY: But the place, or State, where you live.  What list? you ask.  Well, the list of corruption.  I think the two or three of you who actually wade through this drivel I call a blog are aware that I live in New Mexico.  And a lot of New Mexicans will say that New Mexico is the most corrupt State in the Union.  Many years ago, even decades ago, a New Mexico politician commented that if you want a degree in political corruption, go to Chicago.  If you wanted a Masters degree, go to Louisiana, but if you wanted a Doctorate, go to New Mexico.  People from the East Coast will probably say New York or New Jersey are the most corrupt, so it might just depend on where you live on what you think about corruption in Politics.  For this post, however, I will concentrate on the Land of Enchantment. 
Residents of the State will point to Manny Aragon, a politician serving prison time for kickbacks on a federal courthouse contract. He is also drawing a pension check while in prison, cause he's "eligible".  There are others serving prison terms for a variety of reasons. Our past Governor had to withdraw from on offered cabinet post in the Obama administration, cause he was, ( and still is ) being investigated for receiving big campaign contributions in exchange for campaign advise.  The pay to play is still working it's way through the system. I could mention more things, but I think you get the idea.  A past report put New Mexico as the 45th worst State for corruption, but a more recent report has us at number 39.
I am now going to mention a few things Martinez.  As in Governor Susana Martinez.  In case you haven't realized this yet, I like her.  Is she a perfect Governor. No. Has she made mistakes? Yes. But as a general rule, she has done many good thing for the State and has tried to do more, but has been stymied by the legislature. I will mention just a few.
During the 2013 Legislative session, she sponsored a bill to fix the above corruption items.  Her bill never made it out of committee. She has tried to get the policy repealed of giving drivers licenses to illegal residents.  A practice started by the previous governor. The legislature just don't seem to understand the word Illegal. And they come up with some of the stupidest reasons for not fixing this problem.  Our County Senator among them. One more item. Or two. Our State's corporate taxes were the highest in the region.  She wanted to lower it in order to attract more businesses to the State. Without going into the things that took place, this bill was passed.  Many legislators fought this bill, including our own County State Senator, saying that the State would lose money.  It was finally passed because the legislative persons are in love with all things Hollywood and this bill meant those filming in the State also got a tax break.  And what has happened since this bill was passed.  Businesses are already moving into the State and more businesses are looking to move here.  Lower taxes, but more businesses, thus more jobs, thus more taxes.  A win win situation, it seems to me.
So I'll end on this note.  Our legislature, including the afore mentioned State Senator, has worked with Governor Martinez on a lot of things to improve the State and it's people.  They have worked together to cut spending and to balance the budget and keep the State in the Black. Something Washington requires of States, but not of itself. I think if those in Washington would take a lesson from our Republican Governor and mostly Democrat Legislature and how they are willing to work together for the good of the people, at least most of the time, we could find our nation once again in the black financially and that our unemployment rate would decline as more people would have jobs. Now if we could just get the State politicos away from the corruption trough.  And THAT'S THE VIEW FROM THE DITCHBANK.

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