Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Don't you just hate that

Hate: a word used in many contexts.  Like the title of this post. When people say that, it is usually in a context of irritation or sometimes just as a joke when something happens that causes aggravation, but not really meaning HATE.  
A little story of history.  I started to say past history, but if it is history, it is past.  Many years ago, even decades, actually.  While working with a crew of men, the supervisor did something that caused friction between him and another employee.  Most of those on the crew had had trouble with this supervisor at various times, and this particular employee was one of them.  Because of the incident that took place, the employee, who was stewing about it( I don't remember what the situation was) made a statement that "He hated the supervisor."  He turned to me and said "Don't you?" I replied "No".  He ask why not, cause this supervisor has caused you more problems than most of those on the crew.  I will probably paraphrase what I said, but it was something like this.  "Hate is an emotion, and so you have to spend time hating an individual when you give in to that emotion.  I have other things to spend time on rather that hating someone."  He could not understand that statement.  Probably still doesn't. But that is how I felt and how I feel now.  We have just too little time to spend it hating someone or seeking ways to get revenge on someone.
Now, having said that, I am getting to the point where I just hate the phrase " The new normal". This is saying that things that were normal no longer are and the things that take place now are new and they are normal.  That is like saying the "New Morality".  All that is, is the old immorality." If it used to be immoral, it still is, as listed in the Bible.  If it used to be normal, and no longer is, maybe we all should look at what was normal and see if the New Normal is a good thing.  And id it is not, then lets go back to the "Old Normal" and outlaw the New Normal.  And quit saying the new normal.  And THAT'S THE VIEW FROM THE DITCH BANK.

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