Monday, May 27, 2013


HOW ABOUT YOU?  Do you know how long you will live?  Well, I don't actually know how long I will live.  In years.  But I do know this. I'm in the beginning years of my 8th decade of life. And I saw on the news the other day, ( qualification, at my age "The other day" could have been a day or a month or even a year or more ago ) that said that a person would lose 3 sets of keys and 4 cell phones in a life time.  Refering to the opening statement, I will live a long time, cause I have yet to lose my first set of keys and my first cell phone.  I would purely hate to lose my keys.  The cell phone, not so much.
So, I will ask for some comments here?  If any one feels so inclined.  Which would you like to lose, if you had to lose something.  Either of the items mentioned, or something else.  If you were to lose one of those items, and you had a choice, which one would you like to lose.  Keys, or cell phone?  Just curious. 
In my humble opinion, there are a lot of things worse to lose than a cell phone or a set of keys.  Like your mind, or a eye or limb. A Good friend or family member.  Or your testimony of the gospel.  Personally I would rather lose the alloted number of keys and phones than any of the other things I mentioned.  Opinions, any one.
What would make you feel really devastated if you lost it.
One last note;  The best thing to lose is your temper when you are angry.  Anger makes your mouth work faster than your brain.


  1. I don't lose things. It still bugs me that I lost that bracelet from you and mom in 11th grade. I still think if I walked the bus route home just one more time I could find it...

  2. I hate losing anything. Nothing drives me crazy more than that. I've never lost either cell phone or keys, but if I had to chose one, I would rather lose my keys. I've temporarily lost track of my cell phone before and .... well.... I didn't handle it well ;)

  3. Oh, yeah. Keys, definitely. Because then I'll I'd have to do is call Sharon to bring me my spare! :)

  4. I rarely lose things. If I had to choose I would lose the cell phone. I have never lost a set of keys or a cell phone either. But the other day I couldn't find my keys in my purse and then Ethan reminded me that they were in his pocket because he hadn't handed them back to me after he went and got the umbrella at the soccer game.

    And after watching Ben since his aneurism I would hate to lose my memory. And since it is leaving me fast, I am hating losing my eyesight

    I lost a turquoise earring at BYU that Grandma Swapp gave me and it still irritates me that I walked back and forth for months looking for it and never found it.

  5. Does it count as lost if my keys were in my backpack when it was stolen? Cause if so I've lost my keys once. It wasn't so bad. It was only a house key though.

  6. Jason lost his phone once (fell out of his pocket on the couch of the family he was home teaching.) I think it bothered me more than him as I forgot it was lost and kept texting him and wondered why he never responded. :)


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