Friday, October 29, 2010

View From The Ditch Bank

911 WHAT IS YOUR EMERGENCY? Caller--"I'd like to report a drunk driver" Operator--"What is your location?" Caller--"I-25 in northern New Mexico" Operator--"OK I'll notify law enforcement and get an officer headed that way." Caller--Uh! an officer is already here. He is the drunk driver.
Ok Ok so this is a fictional call. Kinda. earlier this week, on the news from Albuquerque, it was reported that a Deputy Sheriff for a northern County was located on the side of -I-25, passed out in his patrol car. And he was on duty. And he was MIA. When State Police found him, they gave him a sobriety test, twice, and he tested 4 times over the legal limit. Which is .08. So this makes his alcohol content about 3. something. He admitted to drinking during the day and a bottle of Tequila was found in his patrol car. The following day, it was reported that earlier in the day before the deputy was found drunk, he had lost a 14 year old prisoner he was transporting to jail. The 14 year old was later apprehended by another police department. So, can't you just see the hilarity that could take place in court.
Judge to Deputy. "How do you plead. Not guilty, your honor. Uh! yeah I was under the influence, but I wasn't driving, I was beside the road asleep. Judge--You were passed out. OK Ok so I was passed out, but I had to stop and take a nap so I wouldn't have a wreck. So that makes me a responsible person and not guilty of driving drunk.
Judge to 14 year old. In addition to the previous charges, I am charging you with escaping while in custody. 14 Year old. But your honor, I had to get out of the car. He was driving drunk, and my parents taught me to never ride with a drunk driver, so I was protecting my life, and am not guilty of escape.
Ho Hum, just another day in the life of Law Enforcement in New Mexico.
And That Is The View From The Ditch Bank.


  1. Nice...if those drive through liquor stores weren't so darn tempting...:)

  2. New Mexico outlawed drive through liquor windows many years ago. Another Deputy pulled over for DUI today. Different County.


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