Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The View From The Ditch Bank

IS IT EVEN WASHABLE? The politics of today's world. I don't know about the ads in your area, but here they are DIRTY. And after all is said and done, and before this is over I think all will be said and done, I wonder how the winner can look at their selves in the mirror and think they did good. I will assume that any of you who may actually read this blog, have seen the ads being talked about on the news. Those of a "National" interest. So I will write about a few in the State of N.M. Actually, some of them just leaves us in a state of confusion. There are three congressional districts in this State. The race for congress in the 1st and 2nd districts are getting so dirty it will take a box of Tide to clean up. The accusations are flying back and forth till you just want to say, Vote for neither of them. In the 1st district, The Republican ads are blaming the Democrat incumbent of spending billions while in Washington the last two years. Will, he did side with Pelosi on a regular basis, but he didn't do this all by himself, like the ad implys. the Dem is accusing the Repub of messing with Social Security as a lobbyist. Well, he didn't, and it has been proven he didn't, but the ads keep on coming. In the second district, both candidates are from the eastern part of the state. Neighbors, almost. Both very rich oil men. The repub has had the job before. He dropped out two years ago to run for the Senate. He lost. Now he wants his house seat back. He is being accused as being the most crooked member of congress. And selling his oil company for much more than it was worth, and then voting for items that would give the new owners perks. the dem incumbent is accused of taking a 3 million bonus from his company and cutting the health insurance of his employees. Just days before Christmas. He doesn't deny that. He says, I haven't taken any salary or bonus's from my company for the last 21 months, and and I had to make cuts to keep the people working. Um, perhaps so. But with the 3 million bonus and his congressional salary, he didn't need to take a salary from his company. And the ladies running for governor. The repub, who I will vote for, has, according to the polls, a 12 point lead over the dem. The Dem is the current Lieutenant Governor, and has been so for the last 8 years. She is saying she will create jobs, cut taxes, etc, etc. ( The repub says the same thing ) But the Dem has made a few mis steps in her ads. The last one, she accused her opponent of being a Tejano. Well, she was born in El Paso, but has lived her adult life in N.M. The dem is from the Southeast part of the state, and that area has been referred to for years as little Texas. Texans now joke that whoever wins, they will have two governors and New Mexico will have none. Who ever wins, it is getting nasty and dirty. On second thought, this is too tough a job for Tide. I think it will take Oxydol and Clorox to clean this up. Here and nationwide. And that is the View From The Ditch Bank.

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  1. I would gladly buy Clorox if it would clean anything up. Everything is pretty nasty and seems to get worse as it is closer to election day. It gets to the point you turn off the tv so you don't have to listen.


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