Monday, June 28, 2010

View From The Ditch Bank

SAINT OR SINNER: Or just a common criminal. Your choice. I'm talking about Billy the Kid. You know, the outlaw from the 1870's and early 1880's. Born in New York City probably in 1860 and killed by Pat Garrett in New Mexico 1881. By any account ( and they are numerous ) he was an out law and a killer. You can read numerous historical accounts about Billy the Kid, and they all have different "facts" about his life, but they all agree that he killed several people. He was offered a pardon by then Governor Lew Wallace, but for whatever reason ( you read the histories) that never came through. One interesting thought was that Governor Wallace was too busy writing Ben Hur to actually bother with the tendered pardon. In any case, other New Mexico Governor's have been ask to extend Billy a pardon over the years and all have refused to do so. However, enter current Governor Bill Richardson, rabid, uh avid, fan of all things Holly wood. It seems that he has, for the last 7 years, been contemplating the pardon of Billy the Kid's sins. There are a number of people in this State that would like him to do this. Many more, myself included, do not want him to do this. He is now taking a poll of the state, via a Santa Fe' columnist, to see how the residents of this State would view the Gov's. actually issuing this pardon. Don't yet know how it will play out, but the Gov. will be OUT of office in 6 months. Now, Billy was a murderer. He killed many people, including law enforcement officers. 2 or more, depending on the history you read. As well as many other people. Although this blog seems focused on Billy, it is more about Bill. The already mentioned columnist said, and I quote "Governor Richardson wants to pardon Billy the Kid of his sins." Not his crimes, but his sins. I don't think even slick Bill has the authority to pardon someone of their sins. He may think he does, but I'm sorry McGee, he don't. Depending on the persuasion of your religious convictions, only a Minister or Priest can do that, and then only after a process is followed, by the LIVING person. In many religions, the Minister can only give you assistance to go though the process of repentance, and then your sins can be forgiven by a Being Higher than even the Minister. But never by the State Governor. Me thinks that Governor Bill needs to spend the last 6 months being a responsible Governor ( what a novel idea) and spend no time at all on Billy the Kid. And his sins. And that's The View From The Ditch Bank

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  1. The governor of New Mexico wrote Ben Hur?! Cool!


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