Tuesday, June 8, 2010

View From The Ditch Bank

HISTORY, PART TWO---The last blog commented on the history to be made in the State of New Mexico in November at the Primary election. I also commented somewhat on my opinion of Mrs. Denish and Mrs. Martinez. I will continue in that vein today. I do not know either of these ladies personally. I only know them through the news reports. And their campaign ads. Thus, Mrs. Denish is more well known to me simply because she has been in the public eye for the last eight years as Lieutenant Governor. Mrs. Martinez came to my view only since the election campaign started a few months ago. So, here is what little I know, having gleaned these things from above named sources. One of Mrs. Denish's campaign slogan's is that she is New Mexican, born and raised. Mrs. Martinez lives in and works in Las Cruces, New Mexico. She was born and raised 42 miles south of there in El Paso, Texas. I don't know how long she has lived in New Mexico, but she has been the District attorney for Dona Ana County for the past 13 years. She was a Democrat who switched parties in 1996 to run for, and win, this office. She says she is married to a career police officer. City, county or state or federal I don't yet know. Recently, a man was convicted in Albuquerque for killing a deputy sheriff 4 years ago. Since New Mexico had the death penalty then, he can be sentenced to death, even though the death penalty was did away with in the 2010 legislative session. Mrs. Denish says she is against the death penalty, but if this individual is sentenced to death, she will sign the paper as the governor. Mrs. Martinez is in favor of the death penalty, and has stated she will work, as governor, to have the death penalty reinstated in New Mexico. In my opinion, This one item alone, could elect or defeat either candidate. In the Primary campaign Mrs. Matinez emphasized her experience in prosecuting crimes in a county that shares a border with Mexico. She advocated the repeal of state laws that allow illegal immigrants to get driver's licenses and for their children to qualify for state lottery financed college scholarships. She has also promised to fight corruption in state government. Well, we have an abundance of that. She is also endorsed by Sarah Palin, who came to New Mexico to give a campaign speech for Mrs. Martinez. A State political blogger said that Mrs. Denish could have the "home court advantage" ( My words ) because she was born and raised in New Mexico. However, the current governor, slick Bill, was born in southern California and raised in Mexico. Yep, Mexico. A previous two term governor, Gary Johnson, was born in South Dakota. Now for a little more history. While this will be the first time New Mexico will elect a woman governor, only two other states have had two women running against each other for governor. Hawaii in 2002 and Nebraska in 1986. The republican candidate won in both of those instances. Mrs. Martinez is the first Hispanic Woman nominated for governor in the nation by either party. I have my opinions and ideas about who to vote for, but will be watching closely to see what exactly is said, and proved. Mrs. Martinez' closest rival in the primary made some accusations against her, and then when she called him on it, on camera, and proved him wrong, and he, obviously couldn't prove his statements, he lost credibility. Mrs. Denish said on election night that the republicans would do any thing to win this election in November and would fight dirty and throw mud. So far, Mrs. Martinez and her campaign people have not done that, but Mrs. Denish started throwing mud the very next day, and hasn't quit. The above mentioned Governor Johnson ran for and won two elections without throwing any mud and has recently commented that both women should just campaign on what they will do as governor. And then do it if elected. While I said I will be watching and listening, I will decide who to vote for, but which ever one wins, I think, at this time, either could, and I said could, govern well and fairly. Time will tell. And That's The View From The Ditch Bank.

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