Friday, June 18, 2010

View From The Ditch bank

UH! RUN THAT BY ME AGAIN! This past week the CEO of BP was on the hot seat in front of the United States Congress. Answering questions about the Gulf oil spill and the company's responsibility's, what are they gonna do about it, why did it happen in the first place, Etc.; Etc.; and Etc. If you observed these events on any news program, you know what you saw. If you didn't, and want to know what it was about, look it up. The purpose of this blog is not to hash or rehash what was said. Or my opinion of the oil spill. Well, mostly, any way. One thing did kinda hit me as funny, comical actually, and I am going to start this blog with that. It seems the Congress people didn't like the way the CEO was answering the questions. So some members of the Congress got a little upset at him and said " Just answer the questions, honestly. We are tired of evasiveness and double speak." Not an exact quote, maybe, except for the double speak part, but Uh! yes, read the title of this blog right about here. Kinda like the pot and the kettle. This said by the masters of evasiveness and double, or triple speak. Yep, made me want to call that congressman and say, "Now you know how the American people feel when listening to you". Now I am going to end this blog by making a short address to the Illegal immigration situation. Against my better judgement. I have been accused of a lot of things, but having better judgement isn't on that list. Now I could turn this into a Religious thing here, about how we are all God's children and we should love each other and so forth. And I agree with that statement. But even God has given us laws to obey, and told us to obey man's laws also. So I am not going to turn this into Religious discussion. Just the facts, as I understand them. This Country has a law against entering it without documentation. Just like other countries. But this country isn't enforcing the law. And when local law enforcement people, or Federal law people for that matter , like the Border Patrol, try to enforce the law, it seems like they are the one's getting in trouble. And I say Why??? So, the situation for illegal immigration here in the southwest has gotten so bad that U.S. citizens are being murdered by these illegals right here in the U.S of A. Just an hours drive from where I sit typing this ( that's by the road, not as a crow flies ) you cross into Mexico, where 23,000 + people have been murdered by many of these same people in the last few years. Nearly 2000 this year alone. So, the State of Arizona passed a law, which doesn't go into effect for a few weeks yet, to enforce this illegal immigration into their State. A law based on the Federal law that is not being enforced. Now President Obama, his lackey's Holder and Clinton are getting ready to sue the State of Arizona for this law. And again I say What! Run that by me again. A State in this Union of States is trying to enforce the LAW, and the federal Government is filing suit against it. Wouldn't it make more sense to join with them in enforcing the very law they are sworn to uphold? Guess I am just getting old. I feel very afraid for my Grandchildren, and the Country they will inherit. I hope if this law suit actually gets to court, Judge Judy gets to preside. :-) And That's The View From The Ditch Bank

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  1. Me too. I just read on Fox news that the Federal Government has confirmed that they will in fact sue the state of Arizona. I guess I live here and see so much, and I am even sheltered to some degree, that it makes no sense. I don't know what we are suppose to do, are we not a state in the United States of America? If the federal government will not do what needs to be done to protect our borders and the state has to do it, things are getting more than pathetic. Love your blog.


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