Friday, June 4, 2010

View From The Ditch Bank

HISTORY--Everyone knows what that is. Don't cha? Years ago a newspaper advertised that they had all the news that was fit to print. A local radio station that was here then advertised that if you heard it it was news, if you read it, it was history. I guess if you are bored enough to read this blog, then you are reading history. Some of it in the making. New Mexico held their Primary Election last Tuesday, and we now know that in November we will elect our first ever woman Governor. The Democrat candidate is Diane Denish, who is currently the Lieutenant Governor, and has been for the last 8 years. The Republican candidate is Susana Martinez who is currently the District Attorney for a South Central county. Mrs. Denish ran unopposed in the primary. Mrs. Martinez beat out 3 men and 1 woman to win the Republican nod. This subject will take up this blog and at least the next one, so today I will discuss my uneducated view about New Mexico politics and maybe some about Mrs. Denish.
First of all, those of you that have read more than one of my blogs, probably know I am a Republican, but not so dyed in the wool of a one that I won't vote for a Democrat, if I feel so inclined. I voted for Governor Bruce King, a Dem. each time he ran, much to the disgust of some local Rep. I liked Governor King and thought he was a good Governor. I voted for the current Dem. Governor, Slick Bill Richardson. I didn't really like him, and like him even less now, but thought, since he had served in Congress as a Representative from our state, he would have some connections that would help the state. Seems he had the connections, all right, but not to help the State. Will be so glad when he's gone. I don't know how other states operate, but in New Mexico the Lieutenant Governor runs separately from the Governor. Who ever wins the Lieutenant spot in the primary, then runs on a ticket in the General with the Party candidate for Governor. So, the Governor has no say in who is running with him, or her, in the general election. Mrs. Denish won the democrat spot for Lieutenant Governor in 2002 and again in 2006. So she has served both terms with Governor Richardson. Richardson has been dogged by pay-to- play allegations during his administration, and there is currently a pending federal investigation of state investments and the use of politically connected marketing agents. Early on during Slick Willie's terms, the State was rolling in money. The economy was good and the state had a lot of income from oil and gas and mining revenues. In spite of warnings from the state's legislators about spending all that money, and advise from same to save and invest some of it, Richardson insisted on spending it for unneeded airplanes for the state, building a train that covers a 100 mile corridor between Santa Fe' on the north and Belen on the south. Paid for and maintained by state tax payers. He increased the number of governor appointed State employees that averaged around $ 140 thousand a year in salary, then refused to say who they were or what they did. he increased the number of State cars that state employees are allowed to drive. every where.
Diane Denish has tried to distance herself from the politics of Santa Fe' and often did clash with the Gov. She is a native born New Mexican, and points that out often in her campaign ads, being born and raised in Hobbs, and before her election 8 years ago she ran a company that did market research and fundraising for nonprofit organizations. As lieutenant governor, the first woman to serve in that position in New Mexico, she advocated for programs for children, including pre kindergarten, and played a role in legislation to tighten regulation of payday lenders. Lieutenant Governors in this State have very little to do, except as appointed to do by the governor. The do chair the legislature when it is in session. So, as Governor, it is hard to say just what she will do. Since she was running unopposed, she has had a chance to build up a large financial war chest to campaign on now. She claims she will be for the people of the state, she is not "One of those good ol' boys, and never wants to be" but wants to be a governor for the state of New Mexico and will be concerned with the economical, financial, and job situation in the state. She will slash the number of Governor appointed employees and the number of state owned cars. She has said nothing about the airplanes, yet. The next post will focus on Mrs. Martinez and some opinions of the elections this fall. And who knows what else. And that's the view from the ditch bank.

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