Wednesday, March 31, 2010

View From The Ditch Bank

TACKS---Or tax, as the case may be. The State I live in is like most other States, having a budget that is out of control, and a Governor and Legislature that is trying to balance the budget, without causing an election backlash this fall. Well, except for the Gov. he is out any way, cause he can't run again. He has been offered a Million $$$$ plus job in Washington, Dee Cee, but says he isn't sure he wants to take it. If he does, he has to leave soon, and resign from his Governor position to go. Early in his first term, he got the tax on food eliminated. During the legislative special session last month, the Legislature brought back the food tax to help balance the budget, as well as a .75 cent raise in taxes on cigarettes. Among other things. The Gov approved the tobacco tax, but vetoed the food tax. Said the budget would have to be balanced some other way. Three of the cities in this State have red light camera's. And they have generated several thousands of dollars (hundreds of thousands, in some cases) for the coffers of the cities and the State. Now, the hi way department says that some of those cameras are actually on State highways, and not cities, so they have to come down. DUH! They are bringing in money to help the State coffer's that are in need. And they don't tax any one, not even the smokers or drinkers. Just law breakers. And when we see, on a daily basis, people in our small city, uh town, speeding, running stop signs, etc. and a police officer is there and can see it, why isn't the law breaker stopped and ticketed, and a fine paid. Again, no tax on any one, but money in much needed coffers. And if a fine is not wanted, then just obey the law. How simple is that. Oh! and one other thing. If the local, state and federal Government really needs to balance the budget, a lot of programs could be eliminated, necessitating the populace to take care of themselves, and not rely on the tic's to take care of them and tell them what to do. And that's the View From The Ditch Bank

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