Wednesday, March 17, 2010

View From The Ditch Bank

OUT, DAMN SPOT, OUT I SAY---Oh no, you say, he has taken to reading Shakespeare. Nope, not so McGee. But I do remember reading the play MacBeth when I was in high school. Some will say, in that case I probably read it in the original text. Nope, wrong again. I will say I don't exactly remember how the play went, but my poor memory seems to think that MacBeth and his wife killed King Duncan, and then kept killing to cover their tracks, which didn't work as MacBeth was killed by someone in the end and Lady Mac took her own life. I think it was her that uttered the above quote, trying to get rid of some blood that wouldn't go away. So why do I bring this up? Well, a night or so ago I was watching the news and they told of a poll that had been taken that said that while President Obama's approval ratings had slipped drastically, the approval ratings of those in congress had slipped even worse than that. And that the country, according to the poll, was about evenly split on their opinion of the Health Care Bill, but that 75% of those in the poll said that they thought that we should vote every one of the congress members out of office. And it didn't matter if they were Democrat or Republican. And when they reported that, the out of office statement, the above quote just came to mind. And just as I didn't read the play, way back in high school, in the original hand of Shakespeare, I don't think very many, if any, of the politicians in Washington have read the Health care bill in the original text either. This bill runs way over 1000 pages and contains so many clauses that each Representative or Senator just have a small inkling of what, exactly, is contained in the bill In total. One gets on TV and says one thing, another gets on TV and says something else. And I wouldn't believe any thing Nancy Pelosi said any way. If is was high noon on a clear day and she said the sun was shining, I would look up, just to make sure. Well, a vote will be coming soon, but now they want to add some other things to the bill and then vote on the package deal, not just the Health Care Bill. This, just to make sure those recalcitrant Democrats vote on it, in order to get the things they want that will be in the package deal. It is somewhat more complicated that that, but that is the simple explanation. And I am simple. But I wonder, sometimes, if, as a country, we aren't taking the route of Lady MacBeth when we allow those in Congress to push through bills and laws that are just popular to those who want them passed, and not so popular with the country as a whole. Yep, I think in November, we just need to make use of the opening quote and bring in a whole new gown, uh group, to see if they will realize what the people they represent want. Probably they will, for about 30 minutes. And that's The View From The Ditch Bank.

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