Friday, March 5, 2010

View From The Ditch Bank

TICK/TICS REVISITED----Well, the Obama/Pelosi/Reid faction are in the process of forcing a vote on the health care bill. I have been trying to keep up on this item and trying to make sense of all that is going on and being said, and done. So, after all I have read and heard, so far, here is my uneducated opinion. First; The Senate already passed a health care bill, last Christmas Eve.In that bill there were spending cuts and outrageous pork barrel spending deals for Nebraska, Connecticut, Louisiana and others. Things that the American people have made clear they hate. Second; And then in a special election the Democrats lost their 60 vote majority. So now they are talking about using a rule called reconciliation, which needs only 51 votes to pass the bill. The Republicans are crying foul or fowl or something. Even though they used this procedure when they had the chance. Never the less, at this point this is all mute. And as I understand it, here is why. Third; Before they can use the reconciliation method, the house has to act on the Christmas Eve bill passed by the Senate. With all the pork. That we don't like. And they need 216 votes to pass it. And getting that many votes at this time is questionable. Why, you ask, cause the people don't like that bill, and the bulk of the house members are up for election this fall. And if they pass an unpopular bill, they will be voted out of office. And they don't want that. So they may not pass the Senate's Christmas Eve bill. And if they don't, then the bill is dead, and they will have to start over with a brand new bill. And Fourth; right now, the bulk of the people are more concerned with the economy and jobs, rather than health care. Why, well, cause the majority of the people have health care through their employment, and the unemployed can't afford to buy insurance; which the already mentioned Senate bill would require them to do or be incarcerated. Hmmm. Well, both the Pres. and Ms. Pelosi have told the members of the house to vote for this bill, EVEN THOUGH YOU WILL PROBABLY BE VOTED OUT OF OFFICE THIS FALL for doing so. The Pres. said in a news conference, ( did you see that one ?) that this bill needs to be passed, now. Cause he's tired of waiting. The American people and the economy can't wait. What???This bill is going to cost the tax payers BILLIONS. I'm thinkin' that we can wait. How can this bleeding of more tax money be good for the economy. Well, back to the reconciliation part of all this. If the house does pass the Senate bill and all it's pork chops, then, and only then, can they pass a bill through reconciliation, with some changes that the house has proposed, eliminating the deals with the States mentioned earlier in this post. Not that what they reconcile will be good for the public as a rule, but they can improve it. If they want to. But if they have already passed a health care bill, will they want to? Time will tell. Now, I have said in past blogs that I feel that everyone should have access to AFFORDABLE health care. I still believe so. But I don't think it should be regulated by the government. I had health care through my employer. When I retired last year, because I am old ( just ask my kids ) I had to sign up for medicare within 30 days of be penalized. That's the law. I had no choice. So, they hold $96.00 and change from my Social Security check each month to pay for the medicare. And they hold $96.00 and change a month from the check MLWFAE gets. This pays for about 80% of our medical bills. The company pension plan holds $166.00 a month from my pension check each month for medical care. This pays only if medicare pays less than 80%. The main benefit I get from this plan is that they pay for prescriptions at a better rate than the medicare ( read government ) plan. I could opt out of the company insurance plan, and save that money each month, but I don't dare , cause I don't know what the tics may wind up doing to us.And we pay over $90.00 a month for a COBRA insurance that pays for vision and dental care. for 18 months from date of retirement. Which was over a year ago. So, MLWFAE and I will get new glasses and teeth before this insurance stops. Cause neither the company insurance nor medicare cover those items. So, if you have health care through your employer, keep it. And pay attention to what the tics are trying to do. And voice your opinion to them on affordable health care. With out the pork. And the threats of jail if you don't buy it. We are allowing too much government control in matters that is not the concern of the government. Sorry for the long post,but if you actually made it this far THAT'S THE VIEW FROM THE DITCH BANK.


  1. Personally, I love the Public Healthcare down here.... Other than a few of my specialist appointments, I haven't had to pay to see a doctor in.... 7 years. And of those specialists, I get about 80-90% refunded to me from the government health plan. Granted, we pay a lot higher tax to be able to enjoy that, but this means that EVERYONE, employed, not, whatever, gets this benefit. Personally, i think it's worth the slightly higher tax, because I couldn't afford it otherwise....


  2. Different health care there than it would be here. Different style of government, so far. A lot of things in the health care bill that has nothing to do with health care, and a lot to do with a government take over. Review the statement of big government by Thomas Jefferson


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