Thursday, March 11, 2010


ABUSE---What comes to mind when this words pops up? I know there will be different responses from different people. There are many kinds. Physical, mental, sexual, a combination of those as well as many others. I am going to address alcohol abuse a bit, from the serious to the UH! kinda humorous. Here in the State where I live, Alcohol abuse is a very serious problem. The recent legislative session didn't balance the budget, so the Gov called them back for a special session to take care of that. In a few days they came up with several things to bring that balance about. They cut some spending and raised some taxes. Raised taxes on food and imposed an additional $.75 a pack tax on cigarettes. There was also a proposal to raise taxes on alcohol, but that one was voted down. Why? don't know, actually. I know they said that alcohol abuse was a problem, but adding taxes wouldn't solve that problem. Oh! I thought they were trying to balance the budget, not solve the alcohol problem. 20 years or so ago, a drunk Navajo man got on the interstate near Albuquerque going the wrong way and hit and killed a family. He just recently was released from jail for this. Last year a drunk man got on the freeway north of Albuquerque and hit and killed himself and several family members in the other car. Last year a drunk man veered across the center line and hit and killed 4 of the 5 teenagers in the car he hit. His trial is pending. Last week a man spent time drinking at the bar in an Albuquerque Applebees's, then left there and went to a different restaurant where he continued to drink. When informed by the restaurant that he needed to get something to eat instead of more drinks, he skipped out on his tab and shortly after that hit a car with a family in it and killed two high school girls. The family was on their way home from a high school basketball game. Just a small part of the many incidents that happen on a daily basis here in this area. Now, for a little humor, kinda. A few days ago, in Albuquerque, a woman called 911 and the call went something like this. 911 MAY I HELP YOU---CALLER; YES I AM DRIVING DRUNK, I HAVE MY CHILDREN IN THE CAR AND WOULD LIKE THE POLICE TO COME AND PICK ME UP. 911- ARE YOU STILL DRIVING---- CALLER YES 911 CAN YOU PULL OVER AND STOP AND TELL ME WHERE YOU ARE? CALLER YES And she did and waited for the cops to come to her. Now, the news played the 911 tape and the conversation wasn't exactly as I stated it, but that was close and that was what happened. She was charged with child abuse and endangerment. Not with DUI. At least not yet. Said she had been at her mother's house, drinking and had just left there when she made that call. We can be glad she had the presence of mind to make that call before something serious happened, but also have to wonder why she left her mothers house in that condition in the first place. And why she was allowed to. A lot of information was not reported on the news. I find it humorous that someone would call 911 and say I'm driving drunk, come get me. Still, the problem is very serious, and so just have to wonder why the powers that be find it OK to tax food, but not alcohol. Makes one wonder where the problem is, exactly. And That's The View From The Ditch Bank


  1. I assumed it was because she didn't realize UNTIL she had started driving that she was, in fact impaired.

    And, well...I think junk food taxes are a good thing. I think junk food is way more of a day to day issue / problem for us than drunk driving. But that's another topic...

  2. Except this was not just on junk food

  3. It's so good to finally get in touch with your blog. I've been so out of orbit with this new little wonder in my arms of late. I skimmed over some of your posts, ready many many of them, and am excited to read your words and insights. Thanks for sharing!


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