Monday, March 29, 2010

View From The Ditch Bank

IT'S IN THE MAIL---Maybe. Did you hear the news. The Post Office is going broke. And they are thinking about shutting down mail delivery on Saturday. You're just gonna get your bills during the week. When I was growing up we only got mail 3 days a week, any way. Don't remember it hurting us any to not have mail 6 days a week. Probably won't hurt us any to just get it 5 days a week, now. Maybe they can even cut back to three days a week. Monday, Wednesday and Friday. All in favor say eye; uh I; or maybe aye or just aiiii. Oh well, before the postal service can be cut back, it needs the approval of Congress. And the news reported that the request to congress for this approval would be sent by E Mail. Now, that's kinda like cuttin off yer nose to spite yer face. And that's the View From The Ditch Bank


  1. I laughed and laughed at that...

  2. Honestly, we don't really need a postal service for anything nowadays. Everything comes via email; bills, letters. Packages come through other couriers, i.e. UPS, FedEx.... so, really, why do we need one? Can it, save the money to go to the deficit, and let the individual companies that are out there take up the slack. They would be able to put on more people to handle the increase in work, thus creating more jobs, making the economy just a little better in the process....


  3. That wouldn't really create more jobs; it would just maybe make up for a few of the PO jobs lost.

  4. Actually it is cheaper to ship with the Post Office. We have checked prices with UPS and FED-Ex to ship over the pond and the post office will do it for nearly half the price. think they are just caught up in the electronic thing, so they need to back up and regroup.


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