Monday, October 10, 2016


I GUESS IT IS TIC TIME AGAIN.  So I will say up front.  There is Nothing, and I mean nothing, that Trump can say or do that will make me vote for Hillary.  I don't like Hillary. I lived through the years they were in the White House before and the things they did and the things they stole when they left the White House and got caught and had to return the items. The lies she has told. She is a woman who is power hungry and has nothing in mind except winning the white house and the power that will give her, and she will use that power to run rough shod over any one who objects to her agenda.  And she will have an agenda.   Now, having said that
I don't like Trump either. He  is not a likable person.  He is rude, crude and socially unacceptable, as the saying used to go. He demeans women, people of various races, religion and religious people. I am a native of New Mexico and he has demeaned New Mexicans and our governor. So, no, I don't like Trump.  However, in a choice between Hillary and Trump, I would vote for Trump if there was no other choice.    However,
There is another choice.  Two of them in fact.  Well, actually more than two, but I will mention two. The first is former New Mexico governor Gary Johnson. He actually has received some national attention and has been on some of the national TV shows. he is polling around 10 % at this time, and could possibly, and I say possibly, gain enough attention and polling percentage to be on the third Presidential debate.  Boy, wouldn't that put a wrinkle in the Hillary/Trump agenda, if they had a third candidate to contend with during a debate. Gary Johnson was a good governor during his first term in office. He went a little down hill during the second term, and he did divorce his wife when she got sick. Maybe more to that story than meets the  eye, though. He is a successful business man. And he has climbed Mount Everest. Literally.
The other choice is Evan McMullin.  Other than he is a member of the same church I am, I know little about him.  There are many who are touting him on social media. He is from Utah, and could carry that State, since the populace there are against both Hillary and Trump.  He is a longer shot than Johnson, but still  he has a shot.  And here is why, or how;
In order to win the election, a presidential candidate needs 270 electoral votes to win.  If Gary Johnson should carry New Mexico and McMullin should carry Utah, for example, and if Trump nor Hillary should neither one win 270 electoral votes, then the House of Representatives would be task with picking a President.  Since Hillary is a Democrat and the House is largely Republican, and since they are not liking Trump, they could very well pick either Johnson or McMullin.  Boy, wouldn't that be a kick in the collective pants of the Clinton/Trump campaigns. And I can already hear the howling that would go up from both of those camps if that should happen.  Of course, if the House should pick either of the "Popular" candidates, the other side will holler loud and long.  Who ever wins this election, by electoral vote or House vote, the American people will be the losers.
In all my 50 plus years of being old enough to vote, I have never seen a political climate that has been so negative and so insulting to the intelligence of the American people.

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  1. I can totally agree with that last statement. This thing is nuts.


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