Thursday, October 20, 2016


I STILL WON'T VOTE FOR HILLARY.  I watched the debate last night.  I didn't really know if I would, but I did. At least most of it.  So, I will repeat what I have said in past posts.  I don't really like Trump.  For a lot of reasons. But I just can't in all good conscience vote for Hillary. So, I will ramble along and mention a few things about why I can't vote for her.
1st. in spite of what Hillary said in the debate, she is not in favor of the 2nd amendment. And she wants to change it.  She has said so in several rally's. The DC VS. Heller that Trump mentioned that has Hillary so upset was a supreme court decision that upheld the 2nd amendment.  While Hillary tried to justify her upsetness in the debate, she was told after the decision was made that the right to bear arms was a constitutional right according to the 2nd amendment.  She then said, well then, we need to re write the amendment.  That is a quote and is on video. She also has said that she wants to follow the Australian system of gun control, which is to take everyone's guns from them and melt them down. That is also on video and has been reported in the news.  Gun safety is one thing.  Gun control by taking away a constitutional right is something else again.
2nd.  When Chris Wallace ask about a speech she had given to a Brazilian bank for which they paid her over $200,000.00 as reported by wiki leaks, she quickly sidestepped the question on went of on Trump and Putin.  She did that several times during the debate, ignoring pointed questions and pointing the finger at Trump and something not relevant to the question ask. 
3rd. A lot is being made about Trump's lack of respect for women. While some of that has been debunked, there is no doubt that Trump has said and done some things that are not good. I don't deny that.  I just have to wonder why the press/media keeps harping on things Trump did in the past, and ignores the things Hillary/Bill did in the past.  If that is in the past for them, then it should be in the past for Trump.  On that note, I lived through the Clinton's in the White House already. I don't want to do it again.  And why does the media forget to mention the fact that the Clinton's stole over $200,000.00 worth of art, china and silver when they left the white house. They did get caught and were forced to return it.  
4th. Trump accused Clinton and her party of sending people to his rally's to cause trouble, cause fights and be disruptive.  This has been proven and a news report this morning said that two people had left the Democratic party because of it.
5th.  Hillary is carrying on with Bernie's thought that education for the middle class will be free.  Uh No, Hillary, it won't be free.  Someone has to pay for that. Maybe the student won't. Maybe the government will. But where does the government get their money?  From the tax payers, AKA the middle class.  Much has been said about Trump not paying taxes. But the news that always reports on that does say, quickly, that what he did was legal. The politicians pass tax laws that create loop holes and then they are able to hide money and not pay taxes. Trump is not the only one to do this, and the bulk of the taxes do come from what is called the middle class. So, no folks, the education will not be "Free". 
So, no folks, I don't care for Trump.  Gary Johnson, or any of the other candidates have enough support to win, so I am in a position of voting for someone that I don't like.  All I can do is go vote and hope for the best for the country, because, in my opinion, no matter who wins, the American people will be the losers.    AND THAT'S THE VIEW FROM THE DITCH BANK

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