Monday, August 8, 2016


ACTUALLY HAVE MORE THAN ONE; but this one is about the FLAG.  If you really want to know about Flag etiquette, you can google it, or Bing it or whatever you use.  However, I am going to mention a couple of things that bugs me.    
1.  For the last several years, the flag has been more and more disrespected by the masses.  Men don't remove their hats or caps when the flag passes by in a parade. This should be done and your right hand placed over your heart.  Just do it and show it the respect it deserves.
2. The flag should never touch the ground. Yet, many protesters walk on it, burn it or other wise desecrate it and they are allowed to do so in the name of freedom of expression or some such thing.  No, the flag code says this is not to be done. Period.......
3. flying the flag.  There are several rules on how and when to fly the flag.  When on a float in a parade it should always be on a staff. Always.  If on a vehicle, pickup, car, boat, whatever, it should be firmly attached to the chassis or on the right front fender. It should never be placed over the vehicle.  I don't care if you are a patriotic cowboy or someone else, this is the way a flag should be flown and any one who does other wise, should be told what to do and if they persist, then they need to be arrested.
4. There are a lot of other codes that pertain to flying the flag, at night, in inclement weather, etc. If you want to fly or display the flag, read the code and then do so in an appropriate manner.  And show respect when it passes by in a parade or other official function.

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