Monday, August 22, 2016


I ASSUME BY NOW, most everyone has made up their mind on who to vote for this November. Therefore any thing I say will have little to no effect on any one, so what ever I say is just an opinion.  Well, I guess all of my blog posts are my opinion and rarely agreed with by any one. So be it.  I'll take a break from bashing the tics and go on another tangent.  Here goes.

Recently there appeared on facebook an article from somewhere about what it takes to turn a boy into a man. I am paraphrasing here, and will continue to do so when I say what was in the article, mainly because I only remember the tone of the article.  The author of the article said that in order for a boy to become a man he had to know how to fish and hunt and fix a car, maybe even rebuild a car, how to work and drive a truck and equipment and well, you get the picture.  Do I agree with this article?  Only in some respects.  A boy does need to know how to work. he needs to be taught a work ethic. He needs to be taught that he needs to have an occupation to support himself and his family. If he is interested in fishing, then he needs to learn how to fish. If he is interested in hunting, then he needs to learn how to shoot a firearm safely as well as perhaps a bow and arrow. Depends on the type of hunting he wants to do. If he wants to fix or build cars, learn how to weld or any of the other "trades" then he should do so.   BUT      he does not need to know how to fish or hunt or build a car or drive a truck or operate equipment.  A basic working knowledge of an automobile for maintenance purposes would be helpful, but is not required knowledge to become a man.  The main thing here is that he know how to work at something.

I watch house fixer upper programs on TV.  All too often the "Man" of the house needs a MAN CAVE.  What the heck is a man cave, and what is it's purpose.  Do these Men really need a cave to feel like a man?  The concept baffles me.  What is wrong with a FAMILY CAVE, if you really need a cave. Be a real man and spend time with your family, in a family space. Yes, there is a time and a place for friends, Buddies, if you like, but you house should be a space for your family. Friends can be and should be welcomed there, but not into a "cave" that is the exclusive use of the Man of the family.  be a real man and spend time where it belongs and teach you son to be a moral and responsible man.  And if he wants to hunt and fish and whatever, then OK, but that is not the important thing to his being a man.


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