Friday, July 29, 2016

Some Observations

I have not watched a lot of the two recent political conventions. I have watched snippets and of course saw the news bleeps.  So, based on that, and the fact that I have lived on this third rock from the sun for a while, I feel like I can make a few observations.  Mind you, these are my observations, and unlike the news media, I will spout them as a personal belief.  Who even knows what the talking heads on the news believe. Well, here goes.
1.  If it is true that liars pants really did catch on fire, Hillary would need to start wearing a dress.
2. Bill's speech was so disgusting that many people couldn't stomach it. For my part, if he is so in love with Hillary, why does he carry on with so many other women?
3. Hillary supposedly endorsed some of Bernie's platform in order to woo his supporters to her side. If those supporters think that she will actually conform to those ideas after she is elected, I am afraid they will be sadly surprised.
4. E mails surfaced that proved that Hillary and the DNC conspired against Bernie so Hillary could win the nomination. Then they blamed the Russians for hacking and leaking them.  If they hadn't done that in the first place, there would have been no e mails to hack and leak.  It's like, Oh I got caught, so blame the Russians.  Takes the heat off of what really transpired.
5. Trump made the gaff of saying, Russia, if you can find Hillary's other 30,000 e mails hack them and make them public.  People really got up in arms over that. Well, if they can hack the DNC and leak e mails that showed their behind the scenes manipulations, then they should be able to find the 30,000.  Don't blame them for something and then get in a huff when someone asks them to do more.  
6. My family is divided on who to vote for this election. Some are divided and some are undecided. A vote for Trump is a vote against Hillary. A vote for Hillary is a vote against Trump. A vote for any one else is a vote in favor of Trump of Hillary.  Is there other candidates?  Yes there is.
7. While there will be many candidates on the ballots, The only candidate who will appear on all States ballots is Libertarian Gary Johnson.  While a vote for Johnson or any other candidate will be a vote in protest against the two party system, it will be too little too late and while Johnson is closing in on the 15% mark to get into a presidential debate, He needs a lot more support than he has.  What the country needs at this time is for the Libertarian party to get enough voters together to hold a convention and get it on the national news. They need a lot of people to leave the two main parties and join their cause in order to make a difference.
8. Hillary has not had a job in the private sector for more years than I know about, of ever. She only knows that taxes pay her salary and we the little people can be taxed enough to assure her salary and retirement.  
9. Trump is a business man in the private sector. He understands profit and loss. He knows that you need jobs for the people in order for taxes to be paid to run the country. He may be unethical, and undoubtedly he is, but he may be the man for the season at this season.
10. I tend not to share a lot of what comes through facebook. I don;t tweet or snap chat or any of those other media things that are out there. I see a lot both for and against the current president and his family, as well as the candidates now running for office. I ignore most of it, but s share something that I know to be true.  So when Mrs. Obama said that she wakes up every morning in a house built by slaves, and the social media erupted against her comment, I went in an internet search.  Here is what I found. The White House was designed by Irish Born James Hoban. The initial white house was built by both skilled and unskilled labor. Since slaves were legal at that time, it is safe to say that much of the unskilled labor was done by slaves.  However, the white house has been added on to and updated many times over the centuries by various presidents, the last of which was Harry Truman.  So while Mrs. Obama's speech was partially correct, in that slave labor was undoubtedly used, there were many others involved who were not slaves, and many of the African American men of the time were free men and were paid a wage for their labor or skill. 
11. I wanted to post something here about the Flag, but this has turned into such a long post, that I will save that for another day. A day not to distant in the future.  AND THAT'S THE VIEW FROM THE DITCH BANK 

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  1. 1. Fact checking she lied less than Donald...
    2. It IS possible to love someone and cheat. For that matter, it IS possible to cheat and then repent and move on, no? However, it is VERY possible to cheat and still be good at your job and support your spouse.
    3. I think we are all cautiously optimistic. And still not happy we didn't win.
    4. I don't agree with the conspiring. I'm pretty livid about it. But they WERE hacked and you cannot tell me it wasn't part of Donald's plan (he's gone so far to admit he'd do anything to pull the spotlight back to him during the DNC).
    5. "Gaff"?! How about complete and utter treason for inviting a foreign nation to hack the US? My gosh. If this is what he'll do as President, I absolutely weep for the loss of every freedom we've ever had.
    7. A Trump presidency will definitely help that. Someone to step in as soon as he does something illegal and gets impeached (I'll have my stop watch counting...)
    9. He should. He's fleeced enough businesses and ran enough businesses into bankruptcy...He's only the man if you hate progress. Or a living wage. Or small business. Or taxes people can handle. Or helping our fellow man.
    10. Her comment was BEAUTIFUL. It was a comment that she cannot believe how great America is that she, a black woman, gets to wake up in a house built by slaves. It is not controversial, but awe-inspiring that we have so much and she's been given this great opportunity. I find it shameful that people tried to take that away from her. Her speech was gorgeous. And if you read the actual account instead of the ones taken out of context, I would hope that you would see that.
    11. I'll give you this before you say flags weren't allowed at the DNC (which is so very, very false):


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