Thursday, December 11, 2014


DOES NO ONE READ ANY MORE?  I guess they really do. But not books.  Not real books, any way. Why do I say that?  Well, Ima gonna tell you. After all, that is the purpose of this post. So, a little back ground information. 
Keeping in mind the religion I have posted that I am a part of, I read a lot of books written and published by the leaders of the Church. I buy these books at a Church book store. Some of these stores are church owned and some are privately owned.
I also read other books. Westerns, mysteries, action novels and such thing. I buy these books at a bookseller bookstore. OK, now that I have given that little bit of back ground information, I will get on with the purpose of this post.  Which may take less time than the back ground did. Guess we will see when I finally write The End to this post. Or however I end it.
The Church owned book store where I buy books is called Deseret Books. There was another store called Seagull Books that was bought by Deseret Books some time back. The Deseret Book store in Albuquerque, NM closed down a year or so back for lack of interest. Or lack of customers or something like that. A private owned book store that sold church books in a little town in South East Arizona closed down. Don't know why, but probably for the same reason.
And for the other books I read, Borders closed down some time back and Barnes and Noble seem to not have a lot of the books that I am under the impression is being published. And good old Wal Mart, that spacious building up on the hill in our town, that used to have two long racks with books on both sides, now has one medium rack with a few books on one side and a few magazines on the other. Very few of the books of the type I read and hardly any magazines my wife or I read. 
So, I log on to and look for books I read.  Lo and behold most of them are there, but a lot of them or just in an electronic version.  ELECTRONIC!!! Who wants to read a book as it comes streaming by on cyber space. Oh! I guess a lot of people, cause that seems to be the way that is going. But, well, what happens if you just move a little bit just as the punch line at the end of a chapter come streaming by and you miss it? What happens if the battery goes dead on the electronic gismo just as the hero pulls his gun and the villain shoots him cause your battery is dead. Your hero might just end up that way also. All because of a dead battery. Or you just changed position on the couch, or wherever you do your reading. Well, I guess that is the way, or the wave, of the future. I just feel sorry for those who will not get to actually hold a book, lay it down for a while and come back to find the hero still has a chance to pull his gun and save the fair maiden, even though you haven't pickup up the book for a few days.  Yep, give me a real book to read any time, and let the cyber waves just float on by on the clouds.


  1. I never thought i would like it, but now i can't imagine not having my nook. I read pretty constantly and i would say i read probably 80-90%on my nook

  2. While I still buy paper books, I buy a LOT on my Nook. I really love it. And since it's not a tablet, there is no glare or anything.

    However, you should check out They have tons of previously used books for sale (pretty cheap, too!). I tend to shop there before Amazon for books.

  3. The reason I had to quit working with Rosehaven Publishing and she went out of business is because of the cost of publishing hard copy books. Readers are demanding the convenience and availability of electronic copies and it is a lot cheaper for the publisher to edit it and convert it into electronic format than it is to guess how many books will actually sell and then print them and risk having a warehouse full of unsold books. Authors that do not allow electronic formats of their books are not doing as well as those that do.

    I do both. I love my Kindle because I can carry so many books with me at a time and pick and choose which hero/villan I want to read about at any given moment (usually soccer practice) without having to commit before I leave the house or take every book I have started. I took it with me to Texas and I have books that Hunter and Jordan love and I read to them. But when I am not where they are I can just pop them into the "cloud" and they aren't taking up space.

    BUT, I love having an actual book in my hand to touch and feel and smell and caress. And the battery never dies and I am not stuck having to sit where the cord reaches in order to read. And it is easier to take a real book into the tub with you. And i.f the electricity goes out I can still read a hard copy of a book but not my Kindle if the battery dies and the zombie apocalypse has happened so I can't recharge it. (or whatever disaster).

    And a paperback book doesn't hurt as much as a Kindle if you fall asleep while reading and drop it- ask me how I know....

  4. So what happens when you pop it into the "cloud" and then the cloud goes away?

    1. So far so good, but I am always worried about that.
      Everything seems to be going digital but I am leery of losing stuff in the ethernet or electricity breaking down or technology crashing... What then? Oh, wait, I know! Sandra has a hard copy


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