Wednesday, January 8, 2014


MOSTLY THE TICS:  The bulk of those one or two who may have been with me from the start of this blog, may dimly remember that I said these posts would be my uneducated opinion. My knowledge may be wrong, but it is still my opinion. So, with that repeated disclaimer, I will once again voice a political opinion. The republican party is once again being reviled in the media.  This time in the form of New Jersey governor Christy. And, as usual, the Jersey Gov is putting the blame on one of his aides who did something without his knowledge or approval.  And the media said that the "good gov" is considered by republicans to be the front runner for the republican nominee for President in 2016.  Well, I am a Republican and they didn't ask me.  And I am not so sure I would vote for Christy. Nuff said on that for now.
When the TEA party was started lo those many years ago, it was a group to which any one could belong and it stood for   TAXED ENOUGH ALREADY. It soon morphed into a Republican thing. It is an idea.  It is not a party, although it is referred to as the TEA Party and those who belong to it are called TEA Partiers.  Or spelled something like that.  Republican Ted Cruz, a member of that group, held up a vote last fall that caused the government to shut down. There was a lot that went on then that made it obvious that there was a lot of tics sucking blood on both sides of the aisle.  I agree with the idea of Mr. Cruz and others that the government needs to cut spending.  I don't always agree with the way they try to do it. I sure don't agree with the current trend of spending that is going on.
Now, all of that being said, I have a proposal to put forth.  Since it will never go any further than this post, and those one or two who may feel bored enough to actually read this, I know this proposal will not be worth the screen this is being written on.   Still, here it is.  Let's make the TEA Party an official party. All though much is said about a two party system, there are actually many parties that field candidates at election time.  Most of them people like me can't even name, but they are there.  So, let those who want too, form another party call it the TEA Party, and give us all another choice to vote on. After all, we already have more choices than we need, so what's one more.


  1. I will uh, refrain from commenting...

  2. Because I have a hard time being nice when it comes to the "tea party"...


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