Monday, January 20, 2014


WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE FOOD? I suppose this will depend on where you were raised and where you live.  So, of course, all answers are correct. And since I don't have enough information on foods around the world, I will just keep my opinions to what I do know.  Now, a cattle rancher will eat beef.  Fried, roasted, ground, rare, medium or well done, but beef will be a mainstay for a lot of meals. Most people, ranchers included like chicken and or fish at times also.  Some might even like sea food. And a good pot of pinto beans with corn bread will always hit the spot. And the rare one will eat Sushi or even Quiche. But the prompting for this post is Spanish food.  Or more to the point, Mexican food.  Even at that, it is mis named.  I worked for many years with a man whose mother came from Mexico and he told me one time that the "Mexican" food we ate here in the Southwest had nothing in common with the food his mother fixed like she was raised with in Mexico.  What we have here in the USof A is a version of Mexican food, and even then it differs around the country.
So on that note, I will talk a bit about the Mexican food we eat here in the Southwest of the State of New Mexico.  And no, it's not Mexico and it's not New, but it is New Mexico. I was raised eating Enchilada's. Flat style. With tortillas fried and dipped in chili sauce and then covered with onions and cheese and then another tortilla and so forth.  Usually three tortillas and then topped with more onions and cheese and an egg or two.  Finger licking good.  And Taco's, which is a corn tortilla fried doubled over then filled with ground beef or chicken, and garnished with onion, tomatoes, lettuce and cheese and topped with salsa. There are some who will even make them with fish, but I just can't do that. Again with the finger likin. And then at times, a sopiapilla filled with honey. And I wouldn't want to leave out the more common Burrito, which is a flour tortilla filled and rolled with beans and cheese, ham and potatoes, or any number of fillings that can be thought of.  And of course, nearly all include onions and cheese and green chili.  Some have red chili.  But all are good.  As I mentioned early on, I was raised eating flat style enchilada's.  However we now sometimes eat them rolled, usually with chicken, and they are good also. With green chili. 
This was a subject of a facebook post by a daughter a few days ago, and there was many comments to the post.  And the comments were varied. But the over all feeling was that Mexican food was liked by one and most.  the actual food varied, but most liked the food in some variety.  I will admit to being prejudiced, but this area where I live has the best Mexican food in the country. the country being the U S of A or any other country people may live in and eat this style of food.  And our tamales made with corn shucks are second to none. And you only have to go a hundred miles or so from here to see the different styles. 
We watch a few cooking shows on TV. Namely Rachel Ray, Trisha Yearwood and Ree Drummond.  I would eat Mexican food with Ree Drummond, but Rachel and Trisha have no clue about how to make good Mexican food.  They are good cooks, not saying other wise, they just don't know true southwest mexican food.  Maybe that is the clue.  South West Mexican food.     RED or GREEN?  And THATS THE VIEW FROM THE DITCH BANK


  1. The other day when I was looking at cars I said, I really wanted red or green.... and then I realized what I said and I laughed. No one else got it. So I went home and ate an enchilada.


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