Friday, January 17, 2014


THERE'S AN APP FOR THAT.  Do you have a smart phone? If so, do you download all the apps that there are available?  I do, and I don't. Have a phone, that is, but not the apps.  I have little or no use for at least 99.9% of the apps that are available. I don't play games or music on the phone. I use it for e mail and I do access the internet when I need to. And I make an occasional phone call with it.  Mostly, it is just turned off. I watch the things that are advertised on the TV for a smart phone, and I just want to say "Why?"
DO YOU HAVE MORE THAN ONE DAD?  I recently saw a news report that actor James Avery had passed away.  OK. If you are up on your actors, ( I am not ) then you know who Mr. Avery is.  Many people pass away every day.  Very few are mentioned outside of their immediate circle or community.  But someone, who is also "famous" I don't remember just who, right now, commented on the news that he was so sad that Mr. Avery had passed away, because of the role that he had played on a tv show, this man considered Mr. Avery a second dad.  I have people I look up to, or looked up to, including my dad and my father in law. Many of these people inspired me and taught me, but I have only one dad, and none of the people that I look up to include actors in a role on the big or little screen.
TV NEWS PEOPLE AND THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE:  Do you listen to the news reporters? Really listen to them?  try it some time.  Now, I am not a word smith.  I barely passed High School english class. But, there were some things we were taught that seems to have stuck to me somehow. And to listen to reporters, or even read an article in a paper, it seems that journalism majors are not taught the proper use of the English language. And it bugs me.  OK, so I do things that bug others.  But I am not in the public eye, nor am I trained in these things.  And in print. Aren't students taught the difference between there and their, bare and bear, and other words and phrases of that ilk.  Maybe it's just me pointing out their foibles in order for people to not look at mine.
AND GLOBAL WARMING: How's that working for you. Here in the Southwest, it is dry, but cold. And in other parts of the country and the world, it is bitter cold and snowing. Ok, so it is hot in California and fires are burning, but then, California is like Texas, it's a whole nother country.  It is Hot in Australia. Hotter than normal.   But it is summer there. And did you see the news reports of the ships trapped in ice in the ant artic. They were there doing a study on global warming. It is also summer time in the southern hemisphere. Still they got stuck in the ice and the ice breaker than came to their rescue couldn't break the ice cause it was too thick. Guess that global warming thing picks and chooses where it wants to hit. Sometimes I just have to wonder where all these ideas come from.  And THAT'S THE VIEW FROM THE DITCH BANK

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  1. We are MOST CERTAINLY taught correct grammar. Just because someone doesn't follow them does not make it a commentary on Journalism school....

    Global warming doesn't mean everything is hot all the time. It actually means we will have extremes in weather and they will get more and more extreme as time goes on. It's not all warming...


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