Monday, December 2, 2013


WHAT DOES THIS MAKE YOU THINK OF? The Wave.  Atlanta Braves Baseball, maybe. A new dew at the beauty shop.  If not a dew, maybe a frost. Maybe you are a surfer on the ocean.  And then, there is me.  Blogging about the wave.  The one I am talking about is people waving to each other.  You know.  Like neighbors do. Or used to do.  Do you wave?  To neighbors? To firends you meet while shopping?  How about perfect strangers?  Well, no, not to them.  Cause there ain't no such thing, as a perfect stranger.  They may be strange.  Some of them are probably stranger than others.  But never perfect.  So, now that we have established that, do you wave to strangers.  I do.  When MLWFAE*  and I travel I will wave when we meet oncoming cars. Or the people driving them.  When we travel north from where we live to where the ditch bank is, we will meet people heading south, and the majority of them will wave.  Some returning the wave I had performed, and some actually initiating the wave, which I return.  Many, however, won't wave. Some just don't.  Some are looking away and don't see the wave I offered them. Some are looking down.  Texting, Perhaps?  But still, when I go in that direction, most will wave.  Recently I took a short 40 mile trip south of where I live.  I did a test.  A kind of survey, if you will.  I waved at the people in oncoming cars.  Some returned the wave, none initiated the wave, most didn't wave at all.  Makes a person wonder why.  Maybe they don't like baseball.  Now, when driving on divided highways, freeways and the like, a survey of this type will be difficult, if not impossible.  This works on most city streets and two lane highways where the cars meet mirror to mirror.  So, I ask you readers, if there be any, to take a similar survey and see what happens.  If you do, and if you would like to, report what happened here, in the comments section.  Nod or speak a greeting to imperfect strangers you meet as you shop. How many return the greeting.  Up close and personal, I venture a guess that most will.  On the highways, who knows.  Well, if you do the survey, you will.  And THAT'S THE VIEW FROM THE DITCH BANK. 
*my loving wife for all eternity

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