Monday, December 9, 2013


I LOVE THE HOLIDAYS:  Well, maybe not every day that is designated as a holiday.  New Years Day, for example, is just a day that starts a new year on a calendar. New years eve is a day to celebrate the ending of one year and the eve of a new year to come.  Labor day.   A day to pay honor to those who work to earn a living.  A good thing to honor, of course, but not a holiday I spend a lot of time looking forward to.  Well, actually, I don't spend any time looking forward on what to do on labor day.  Presidents day, Valentines, Halloween, all days for a specific purpose, but not a day I spend a lot of time looking forward to.  Maybe I should. Especially Valentines.  Memorial Day and Veterans Day are days that we should spend time remembering those who have gone before us and to pay honor to them. They mean more than Labor day.  Mother's day should be a special day for each of us.  And Easter is a really special day for the Christian world and should be spent in a time of remembrance of the supreme sacrifice of the Savior of the world.  There are days that should be special to each person or family, such as birthdays, anniversarys, graduation days and so forth.  And they should be celebrated according to the desires of that person or family. 
The days that I am talking about specifically for the benefit of this post are the "HOLIDAYS". Those that are upon us at this time of the year.  Yes, I love Thanksgiving and Christmas. They are times that should be celebrated for the reason for which they were created.  And they should be celebrated with family and friends. 
So what is the purpose of this post.  To make a comment on these two holidays.  Yes, I love the holidays. Yes,I hate what goes on at this time of year. Advertisements that say buy this or buy that. This is the gift every one wants.  No, EVERY ONE does not necessarily want that. EVERY ONE does not necessarily want most of what is advertised for sale at this time of year.  MLWFAE and I watch and shop from the shopping channel QVC. But they get carried away with what they are selling.  yes, I realize that is their job.  Selling people things they say is needed. They say you can buy this for you postman, your dog walker, your hair dresser or barber, the person who delivers your pizza, maybe someone who jogged by and waved hello.  I made that last one up.  But to listen to them hawking their wares, I can't help but think, Wow, no wonder people go into so much debt at this time of year if they buy all those gifts for all those people.
But the one thing I really do not like are the ads for the Clapper and the Chia pets.  If any one was so nice to me to give me one of those, I think I would be just as nice and give it back to them.
So, even though Thanksgiving day is past, and Christmas day is coming up, lets all keep in mind the true purpose of these days and give thanks in a manner that is appropriate. Be appreciative of family. Be thankful for the things you have.  Christmas lights should be displayed in a tasteful manner and be symbolic of the light of Christ.  Gift giving should be done in a manner that is heartfelt and meaningful, keeping in mind the gifts given to the Christ child and most of all the gift He gave to all the world.  Under no circumstances should gift giving be done in a manner that is just a show of   Look what I did.  Look how much money I spent on gifts for people that drove by and honked their horn.  Just enjoy the season and say
MERRY CHRISTMAS.  After all, that is the reason for the holiday.  Be happy, but say Merry Christmas.    And THAT'S THE VIEW FROM THE DITCH BANK 


  1. Good thing I put that Chia pet down...

  2. Go ahead and send it, along with a clapper. Hopefully the clapper can be programmed to turn the Chia off.

    1. Pretty sure if you figured out how to make that happen would be the next big thing they would sell every Christmas . . :-)


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