Monday, December 16, 2013



1. Do you like Sardines/Anchovies?  Well, since I don't like or eat Pizza, I don't eat Anchovies. I have ate Sardines in a time far away in the past.  They were salty and they didn't smell very good.  I have seen people at work, back when I had a job, open a can of Sardines and eat them with crackers.  Saltine crackers.  Man, the Sardines were bad enough, but the crackers were just added salt.  I checked the internet for Sardines/Anchovies and learned that they were not the same fish. However, after reading about each of them, I can't see me eating either one of them any time in the near future.  Or the far future.  That being said, a segment on the news this morning that said Walnuts, Macadamia nuts, Onions, Leeks and Anchovies were cancer fighting food.  Guess any self respecting cancer cell would run from the last three of those and the nuts are just a healthy snack to make you feel better.  Yep, that is what it is.  Although I like Onions and Leeks.

2. Affluenza.  A new disease?  Nope.  A criminal defense.  Yep, you read that correctly.  There was a news story recently on the TV about a 16 year old boy, and I will repeat that, a 16 year old boy, who was driving drunk and crashed into some people and killed them.  This is a crime that would automatically result in a sentence of several years in prison.  What did this boy receive?  A few years probation.  Why?  Cause he was suffering from Affluenze.  And what, you say, is Affluenze?  Well, if you really don't know, it is a case of his Parents are Affluent.  As in rich, wealthy, having more money than the boy knows what to do with.  And thus, according to the courts, he has affluenza and there fore has no feeling of right and wrong and he wouldn't be able to be in jail cause he isn't used to that kind of life.  No Kidding.  Who is?  So, he didn't pay for his crime of underage drinking and driving under the influence and killing people, cause he is under the influence of affluence.  Well, I don't have to worry about that disease.

3. I Pad Apps.  This is for a phone, not a piece of gauze that will protect your eye when you have an injury.  This piece of electronic marvel will do things that I don't really want done.  It will start your car while you are still in the airplane on the runway.  That way, your car is warm, or cool, by the time you find your lost luggage and get to the parking lot. It will check and lock your house for you in case you forgot to when you left. It will turn off the TV, or turn it on. It will turn on the stove so your dinner is cooked by the time you get home. Now, if they will get one that will pick the winning lottery numbers, I will consider buying one.  Till then, I will manage with the out dated phone that is already smarter than me any way. 

4.  Twerking.  I saw the disgusting display by Miley Cyrus on the award show a few weeks back. I have only just learned that what she was doing was a new dance called twerking.  Twerking?  Who ever in the world came up with that dance, much less the name?  Well, I like to dance, or I used to before I got old.  I was no where near a good dancer, but I managed to get by with our crushing my partners toes, for the most part.  But back then, when we did a jitter bug we danced fast, but with our feet on the ground. When we did a slow dance, like a two step or a waltz, we danced close and in time to the music. Now, there are lifts and floor mopping and throws and bumps and grinds and well, twerking. 

5.  Well, guess I'll forget the little fish, and stick to bacon and beef, and I'll be just a poor boy with an outdated phone and when I dance with MELWFA I will stick to a slow dance, both feet on the ground and let the janitor clean the floor.  At my age, bumps and grinds are what I have from hitting things and what my joints do when I get up in the morning.

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