Monday, December 23, 2013


I LIKE TO TAKE PICTURES: I take a lot of pictures.  Some of them are actually kinda good. Some of them are kinda not so good.  Some of them are down right bad.  Some of them or of family members, but most of them are flora and fauna type pictures. 

None of them, however, are of myself.  Now, I know a lot of people, if they were to read this blog, will get upset with me over this.  But, I just don't understand the idea of selfies.  For any one who may have the mis fortune to actually read this, and is wondering what a selfie is, I will tell you.  This is a picture you take of your self, usually with you cell mate, AKA cell phone, and then post said picture on the web.  On a social media like facebook. Now, this is a popular form of expression that is sweeping the country. Maybe a lot of countries.  It is talked about on the media, and pictures of "stars" are circulated.  No, not the ones that actually glitter and are pretty, but those of the people variety that have a false glitter and are seldom really pretty. But the media, who are all in love with these "stars" ooh and aah over these people and carry on like they were most improtant thing in the world.  They are not, but you can't tell the media types that. 
But back to the purpose of this post is to state my position on selfies.  Take them if you must.  Post them on face book if you feel so inclined.  Just know that they will go viral and if they are something you don't want any one to see, too bad.  I, for one, will stay behind the camera and post my pictures of scenery, if I feel like posting any thing.

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