Friday, November 19, 2010

View From The Ditch Bank

WOULDN'T IT BE FUNNY. You know, if animals actually had a sense of humor. The fall deer hunting season is about over. Bears are getting ready to hibernate for the winter, many animals will be moving down from the high country to the low lands. Deer will be wiping the sweat of tension from their faces, as they won't have to be looking out for the legal hunter. Turkey's may have to be aware for a little while longer. That includes those with beaks and feathers. The other ones are always in season. But; maybe just one last prank, you know, to get the tension out. Before settling down to the activities of winter and having to put on a red nose and fly away, pulling a sleigh. Oh! different deer. Sorry. Well, have a good Thanksgiving day and a good holiday Season. May only post once next week, then back to some serious posting after that. Maybe.
And that's the wish From The Ditch Bank

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